YouWin Registration Form – Guide to Apply For YouWin Nigeria Programme

YouWin Registration Form is a multimedia based re-launch of the YouWin Nigeria programme of the Federal Ministry of Finance. In other words, It aims to support young entrepreneurs as they PLAN, START and GROW their businesses, by providing Enterprise Education as well as access to technical and consulting services.

Moreover, YouWin Registration Form aims to promote entrepreneurship, job creation and wealth via enterprise education for young Nigerians. It is therefore high time you get yourself busy with a lucrative business and also equip yourself with the skill you are acquitted with. Read through for more update.

Guide to Apply For YouWin Registration Form Programme

General Requirements

Here are the Steps and requirements to register for YouWin programme;

  1. Applicants must have post-secondary school qualification.
  2. Applicants must be between the ages of 18 and 40.
  3. Applicants must be Nigerians and resident in Nigeria.
  4. Applicants businesses must be domiciled in Nigeria.
  5. Applicants must be able to communicate effectively – speaking and writing – in English.
  6. Applicants must be willing to attend all trainings and mentoring exercises organized by the programme.
  7. Applicants must not be an employee of the Nigerian Civil Service.
  8. Previous YouWiN awardees are not eligible to apply.


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Procedures for online registration

Step 1

YouWin applicant are required to Youwin Registration Portal to register and begin the application process for the YouWiN! Connect programme.

The form requires the following;

  • First name
  • Your surname
  • Middle name
  • Fill your email address
  • Last you sum up for verification
  • Click ‘’Register’’
  • You will be told that your registration was a success and an email has being sent to you with a Pass Key for future access to the web portal.

Please note that this is not a confirmation of your application but a notification. Good luck!


Step 2

  • You can now Proceed to login
  • Then try access your account by signing in with your email and password (only enter your email address and click forget password you will be sent a pass key to your mail inbox).
  • Now open your email inbox and copy out your pass key sent to you.
  • Then go back to ‘’signing in’’ and enter your email and the password you copied out.
  • Then click ‘’sign in’’
  • You will be required to change your password by entering your old password, new password and re-enter the password.
  • Click ‘change password’.
  • Afterward, ‘sign in’ with the new password you have changed, you will be redirected to your profile.

image:YouWin Registration Form


Step 3.

YouWin applicant are also required to update and complete their personal Information by fill the following information below;

  • Title
  • Telephone
  • Gender
  • Date of Birth
  • Full Address
  • Current State
  • Current Region
  • Current Country
  • Highest Educational Qualification e.g BSc, HND, MSc, Phd, Post-Secondary education.
  • Mode of Identification e.g driver’s license, voter card, international passport, student ID card and National ID card.
  • Identification Number


Step 4

Fill the Business information form which comprises of;

  • Business name
  • Company Address
  • Business type etc.

Note: The Business Information is required for YouWin applicants who already have registered businesses. If you have a business but is not registered with CAC, you should not complete this form. This does not mean that you are not eligible to apply.

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Step 5

The next is Business Needs, Just as you go on YouWin registration portal you can see all other information to be filled appropriately.

  • Areas in Need of Training
  • Previous Skills Acquired etc.

Step 6

In this step you will need to upload all the following document

  • Identification
  • CAC Certification
  • Educational Qualification
  • After that click on ”submit application”

image:youwin document upload

Note: In this case, you have to take out time to fill your forms and upload related documents. You will be asked if you are you sure you want to submit the application simply because If you submit it, you will NOT be able to edit the business form contents anymore. However, you can only view the contents. You will be contacted if you are chosen to participate.

Please if you have any issue on the YouWin Registration Form never hesitate to get in touch by using the comment box below and receive immediate text.


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