Yahoo Mail Login – I want you to understand that it is very easy and quick to use the Yahoo Mail Login page when you visit Yahoo Mail Login page has become 10times faster that it use to be using mobile phone or desktop. As a registered user you can use either YahooMail mobile App to login or by using the login official website.


Full Guide On YAHOO MAIL LOGIN  On Page

May be you are not using an app or because your phone doesn’t support YAHOO MAIL APP then you can also use to login your account if you are already a registered user. If not that click here to Signup New yahoo account now for free.

To Login Yahoo Inbox:

1. Use your phone or PC browser visit

2. On the page You are to:

  • provide your email address then click “next”
  • then also enter your Password

There is always a box unchecked, leave it unchecked if the device you are using to access mail account is not yours. But if you are the owner then check the box – this will enable the device to store your login password and email address so that you don’t need to input any of the above information next time.

3. Click on “Sign In” and that is all.

Now you just entered your email account.


Note: do not check the “Keep me signed in”  if you are not using your own computer or mobile phone to login yahoo mail account. The “Keep me signed in” automatically saves all your YAHOO MAIL login details in the sense that next time once you enter or your yahoo mail account opens without requesting for login details.


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Login Yahoo Mail Using Mobile App

You have to download the latest Yahoo Mail App and make sure it is successfully installed.

Then lunch the app then click on “Sign In”Image: Yahoo mail login for mobile

Enter you email address and password then click “Login” to see your mail account with mobile phone using Yahoo Mail app.


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What you should know about Yahoo Mail

Yahoo Mail is a free email service (except for Yahoo! Mail Business Email Plans) offered by the American company Yahoo. It became in existance in 1997, and, according to comScore, Yahoo Mail has been rated has one of the largest web-based email service.

Yahoo Mail Features
The service comes in two configurations, free and business. Features include:
Free Yahoo Mail version:
  1. Email storage capacity: 1 TB
  2. Email attachment limit: 25 MB (up to 100 MB via the built-in ‘Attach Large Files’ app)
  3. Account expiry on inactivity: 6 months plus 2 months for each year the account held active. The account can be retrieved but all stored data, such as emails, are lost.
  4. Supported protocols: POP3 in Asia or via YPOPs!, IMAP via IMAP proxy or via Zimbra, SMTP, Mail Forwarding in some countries (but not in the US). US Users cannot order the POP3 / forwarding service – attempts give a currently not for sale error.
  5. 100 filters to automatically sort incoming messages (200 filters for the Plus version)
  6. Spam and virus protection. (See: DomainKeys)
  7. Advertising is displayed on the screen while working with the email account. Text ads are added to the footer of outgoing messages, as of February 2011.

Features of Yahoo Business Mail

Yahoo Business Email is a combination of all of their email services with 10 distinct accounts each with the same features of the plus version and personalized domain name and email address. Accounts can be managed by an administrator. There is a $25 set-up fee and $9.99 monthly fee.

  • Unlimited mail storage
  • 10 email quota.
  • Additionally, a user can pay $35 per year to have up to five custom email addresses and a domain name.
  • Classic Yahoo Mail underlines addresses and phone numbers in emails and allows the user to add them to the address book.