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A CV (curriculum vitae) is a detail and concise information of your work experience and skills. It is the avenue where you market your skills, and abilities. It is your document and can be constructed as you wish within the basic framework we have below. They are many ways to write a CV. What is important is to choose one format and make use of it.

Your CV determines your chances of getting the applied job. Get it right; and you will have an interview in no time, get it wrong and you will face rejection after rejection. That is why we decided to put you on the right track. Here we have a CV writing pattern, which will go a long way to change your story. Don’t rush, read through the article.

Tips To Write A Good CV (Curriculum Vitae)

What Is A CV (Curriculum Vitae)

A CV Conveys your personal details in the way that best presents you. It is an outline of your professional history and educational career.  A CV is a document that allows you to market yourself, which gives you the chance to sell your abilities, skills, qualifications and experience to your employer.

What Should A Good CV Contains (Information Needed In A CV)

According to search made by Eric Hilden, from his survey “brilliant 2010 orange county Resume”. He discovered that a good CV should contain the following:

45%Previous related work experience
35%Qualifications & skills
25%Easy to read
14%Spelling & grammar
9%Intangibles- desire to succeed
3%Objective – it should be clear
2%Keywords added
2%Computer skills
1%Personal experiences
1%Contact information


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A Good CV should Be Presented In This Manner;

  1. Contact details
  2. Personal statement
  3. Education
  4. Experience and Skills
  5. Achievements
  6. Hobbies and interests
  7. References

Contact details

The first part of your CV, positioned at the top of the page, should contain your contact details. Normally this would be your name, address, date of birth, telephone number and email.  Although it is not necessary to include personal details such as your date of birth, marital status, or religion but you can add.

Personal statement

This is important in CV writing, this gives you the summary of who you are and a touch of your personality. This section should contain the following

  • Who you are?
  • Your career goal?
  • What you have to offer to the company?

All you are writing should reflect the job you are applying for. Emphasize the qualities you got that will match the job or role you want to secure.


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This is the section where you state all your educational qualifications. Starting with your O’ level certificate to your highest qualification. If you have a lot of qualification, don’t list them all rather select relevant qualifications and list them. You can state the grade if they are good, but is not a must. Make use of bullet points, is very important.

Example –

Name of Institution

(September 2009 – July 2011)


  • History, Business, English Literature
  • Achieved grades A-B

Experience and Skills

Here you tell your employer your work experience and skills that you acquired. Mention your previous jobs, internships, and work experience. List your work experience on a reverse sequential order, also state your title of work, state and the date you worked for with the responsibility that was on you. This should not be a long list. Highlight key skills and make use of bullet points for clarity. You can make use of this format.

Administrative Assistant at Company Name




  • Keeping records up-to-date
  • Implementing the new company filing system
  • Answering phone calls/responding to emails.

When writing your experience and skills section make use of action words like planned, developed and organized. When mentioning your duties avoid saying normal routine like cleansing the desk. Try to relate your skill to the job you are applying for like engineering require problem solving and so on. Involve working in a team based culture such as planning and organizing. Make sure your work experience contain effective communication with the staff of the company you have worked for. Include computer knowledge in your skills.


You might look at this section and conclude to write nothing. Your achievement doesn’t not mean mere awards it includes your completed projects and even work promotions. Make this section short and straight to the point. Don’t make boring statements. Use bullet points to show clarity.


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Hobbies and interests

Here I know many, especially the men will center on sport. It is not advisable to focus on one area. This section of writing CV is not important. Mention your hobbies and interests if it relates to the job you are searching for.


This section is very important. This section gives them a reference where they can verify your above listed information and check whether is true. Two referee is ok, don’t refer childishly, one should be any formal employer and another academic (a project supervisor is good to refer).

Things That Makes A Good CV

  • It should be accurate in content. With nice grammar and it should be spelling error free.
  • Make sure is clearly laid out.
  • It should be short and straight to the point. I really want to emphasize on this part. Many companies don’t have time to start reading your written heaven and earth, what they need is the key point.
  • Make it concise but informative.
  • It should target the applied job and every part of it should refer to it.
  • Be positive and honest.


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How Long A CV Should Be

A CV should not be more than 2 to 4 pages of an A4 paper. Academic and technical CV can be longer 4 to 5 pages.

My CV is long – How To Reduce It

  • Change your body front.
  • Change your margin.
  • Set line spacing to single.

Click here to download Curriculum Vitae template

We the newsyarena team believes we have given you a clear and best way to write CV. Thanks for reading comment and share.



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