World Bank Group Assisted Programme Saudi Recruitment Program

Saudi Recruitment Program (KSARP) is World Bank Group Assisted Programme that is aimed to enrich junior and mid-career Saudi professionals. This program is meant to last for two years, that is jointly funded by Saudi Arabian Ministry of Finance and the World Bank Group (WBG). This program allows participants  to increase exposure and experience from the Bank Group’s internal perspective. Saudi Recruitment Program is richly to add value to your potentials.

This program is to reduce rate of poverty. Each participant will acquire new skills and help you grow your potentials. You will learn and share you knowledge with fellow participants. Study about leaderships and discovery of your potentials and ability


Saudi Recruitment Program Application details


Saudi Recruitment Program For Eligibility Criteria

  1. Knowledge of development issues is an advantage.
  2. Fluency in English and Arabic. Knowledge of other World Bank Group languages is an advantage (French, Spanish, Chinese, Portuguese, Russian).
  3. Junior Professionals: Master’s degree or equivalent with two years relevant experience.
  4. Mid-Career Professionals: Master’s degree or equivalent with at least five years relevant experience.
  5. National of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  6. Work experience relevant to the work of the World Bank Group including economics, finance, environment, health, education, urban planning, information technology, human resources.
  7. Outstanding interpersonal skills and ability to work effectively in a multicultural environment.
  8. Strong analytical skills.


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Terms and Conditions Applied For Saudi Recruitment Program


  1. Participants may be assigned to WBG headquarters in Washington D.C. or to a country office for a term appointment of 1-2 years.
  2. All participants are 50% funded by the Saudi Ministry of Finance and 50% funded by the World Bank Group. Salaries are determined based on the work experience and qualifications. All participants are eligible for standard WBG benefits. All KSARP appointments will be subject to the World Bank Group’s HR policies.

In the case of dual nationalities, applicants must report all nationalities at application stage.


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How to Apply For Saudi Recruitment Program


Participation is coordinated between the government of Saudi Arabia and the World Bank Group. KSARP-eligible positions are advertised in coordination with the Ministry of Finance. With the concurrence of the government of Saudi Arabia, qualified candidates will be put forward to hiring managers for consideration and selection. Only candidates identified for interviews will be contacted. The World Bank Group makes all final hiring decisions on all appointments.


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