WhatsApp Group Set Up

WhatsApp Group Set Up For Android and iPhone 2021

WhatsApp as an instant messaging app offers you to chat with your friend privately and also allows users to use a feature called “Group” to instant-message more than one person. This post will be discussing how to set up WhatsApp Group for Android and iOS devices, plus discussing the uses of groups.

WhatsApp Group Set Up

WhatsApp Group is a feature that allow it users to message many people at once. It has an Admin who can create the group and the admin can also remove or add a user.

What are the Benefits of WhatsApp Groups

Communication: WhatsApp group is an avenue for receiving and sending information to large number of people at once.

Meeting and Training: Meetings and trainings can be held on WhatsApp group, since it allows live participation and communication.

Entertainment: Chatting with a person might be boring, but in a group you have a lot of people and you have everything to keep away boredom. If you are the like that likes gossiping and gist, WhatsApp group is perfect thing create.

Networking: WhatsApp group makes you to meet new friends and people, therefore increasing your contact list

How to Set Up WhatsApp Group

Needless to say, Whats works for all devices, so is WhatsApp group, however, its set up is a bit different for both iOS and Android. We shall be discussing the set up procedure below:

How to Set Up WhatsApp Group for iOS (iPhone)

Step 1: Download WhatsApp on Appstore (if necessary)

Step 2: On the home screen, tap “Chats” icon at the bottom.

Step 3: Now tap the “menu bar” at the top right corner

Step 4: In the drop down, tap “New Group” option

Step 5: Select Contacts you want to be part of the group

Step 6: Now, tap “Next” at the top right corner

Step 7: Type in the group’s name in the subject box. Maximum of 25 character.

Step 8: Choose a photo for the group by clicking the picture icon.

Step 9: That’s all. You have successfully created a WhatsApp Group on iPhone

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How to Set up WhatsApp Group on Android

Step 1: Download the latest version of whatapp (if you don’t have one)

Step 2: Click on “Chats” at the homepage

Step 3: Click the three dot icons at the top right of the screen

Step 4: Pick the “New Group” option

Step 5: Select contacts you want to be part of the group by holding down the contact till you have green mark icon

Step 6: Then click the right arrow at the bottom

Step 7: Now type in the group name in the subject field

Step 8: Upload a picture for the group in your gallery

Step 9: Click on the “Mark” icon just below the subject field.

Step 10: You have now created a Whats groups successfully.

Other Way to Set Up WhatsApp Group on Android and iPhone

You can also create WhatsApp Group for Android and iPhone using this procedure:

Step 1: Ensure you are on WhatsApp home screen

Step 2: Click on “Chats” icon

Step 3: Now click on the contact icon at the bottom right

Step 4: You will see your contact list, just click on “New group”

Step 5: Add participants for the group

Step 6: Name the group and provide a photo

Step 7: That’s all. Whatapp Group is created.

Note: There should be some contacts in your device before you can be able to create a WhatsApp Group which you can choose to delete after successfully creating the group.

How many Participants Can be in a WhatsApp Group

WhatsApp group participants limit is 256.

How to invite People to WhatsApp Group

The WhatsApp group you created is for a purpose. To make the purpose realistic you need to have participants. Here is how you can add participants that are not even in your contacts to your group :

1. Link Creation

The most enterprising way to add participants to WhatsApp group is to send link to whatapp users. The steps are below

Step 1:  On the group, open the actions menu on the top right

Step 2:  Enter the group info panel

Step 3: Now, scroll down to participants and click Invite via link button.

Step 4: Choose option that you want to use to share the link.

Step 5: Potential group participants is expected to click on the link shared to have access to the group.

Step 6: That’s all.

2. QR Code

This is another easy way to add participants to whatapp group, saving you from hassle of saving contacts on your phone before you can now add participants. These steps will guide you to generate QR Code for your WhatsApp group:.

Step 1: Go to the group created

Step 2: Click the group’s name at the top to open the group’s info.

Step 3: Click on “participants”

Step 4: Now click on the “share through QR Code” option

Step 5: You can now send the QR Code to any one you wishes to

Step 6: The person with the QR Code can now scan the code to join the group

Note: You can’t generate link or QR Code if you are not a Group Admin. and also you can revoke the link or the QR Code.

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