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Western Union Online Account Login | Sign in to transfer and receive Fund via Western Union

Western Union is a globally acceptable financial service company. They offers a worldwide money transfer service such as person-to-person money transfer, money orders, business payments, and commercial services.

The company also offered standard “Cablegrams”, as well as Candygrams, Dollygrams, and Melodygrams.

With your Western Union Online Account you can send money to anywhere in the world. Western Union is fast, secured and reliable to make your transactions.

On this page, we have discussed about Western Union account opening, Logging in process, how to send money using Western Union transfer.

Western Union Online Account Login

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To login Western Union Online account you will be asked to provide your email address used in creating the account, then your password. Note, you will select “I am a returning customer” – that’s for the customer who has already created Western Union account.

How to Create Western Union Account

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Haven created the Western Union account gives you the access to perform transactions from your account. To sign up for a Western Union account is free. Simply;

  1. visit the main Western Union registration website here
  2. then enter your email address
  3. select “I am a new customer” – that shows you’re creating this account for the first time.
  4. Type in the “Security code” as displayed inside the box below it. The security code proves that you’re not a robot accessing the Western Union website.
  5. then click “Get started”
  6. Then complete the main registration form to create a profile about you, you’ll be asked to type in your full name, contact information, your gender, nationality, then select a security question from the drop-down list and type in the answer, date of birth and check the boxes to agree with Western Union terms of service and online privacy.
  7. Now its time to verify your email registration with Western Union, so Wastern Union will send an email containing a 4-digit verification code. Now open your email and get the code
  8. Typ in the code inside the box provided and click “Complete Verification”


You just complete the Western Union Online Account

Western Union Transaction Limit and Full Account Verification

Yes, you’re done with the registration and can start sending money from now on. But there is a limitation in your account. That is, as a new Western Union online account holder, you can only send up to 1.000 EUR within a 12-month period before you’re asked to verify your identity. And after the verification is complete and successful too, your send limit will increase to 5.000 EUR per 3-day period.

But you can decide to start the verification process after creating the account. However, you won’t be allowed to send any money at the time of the verification is going on.

Well, if you are a business person and wish to be sending large amount of money and you know well that the 1.000 EUR limit isn’t enough then you can start your verification straight away.

Requirements for WU account verification

Documents to support the information about you which you provided during the WU account registration will be required. For instance; a government-issued ID card that bears the same name on your WU account and a document for a proof of address required to fully verify your account.

To start your account verification now, once you’ve logged into your account, then click on “Get Verified” tab and click “Start Verification“.

WU Money Charge Rates and Fees

Western Union makes money from both exchange rates and transfer fees. The provider may change the fees and rates without notice.

Transfer Fees

Western Union charges variable transfer fees depending on the country your sending to, the size of the transfer, the transfer payment and payout options and whether you are sending money online or through an agent.

Cash pickups are more expensive than direct-to-bank transfers. When paying for your transfer, debit card and credit card payments are costlier but faster compared to bank transfers. You can pay as low as USD $0 when doing bank to bank transfers through the platform. MoneyTransfers.com blog gave an illustrative instance that sending 300 GBP from the United Kingdom to Mauritius will cost you 4.90 GBP when you pay using a debit or credit card. The price estimation tool on the website makes it easy for users to fill in the details and know the transfer fee upfront.

Exchange Rates

Western Union charges a margin above the midmarket rate for any given currency pair. The rates charged are different and dependent on several factors such:

  • The type of transfer- Online money transfers attract much higher rates compared to agent transfers.
  • The payout method- Cash pickups are processed at lower interest rates compared to bank transfers. For instance, sending 200 GBP to the United States through cash pickup attracts a margin of 9.39% while a bank transfer attracts a margin of 2.16%
  • The amount transferred- Larger amounts attract higher rates than smaller amounts. Sending 5000 GBP to a bank account in the United States attracts a margin of 1.66% compared to 2.16% when sending 200 GBP.
  • The destination-The country you are sending the transfer to determines the exchange rate margin you will be charged. Sending 200 GBP to the Philippines in pesos attracts a margin of 19.58%. When sending the same amount to Nigeria you’ll be charged a margin of 4.65%.

Others Fees

Apart from the exchange rate margins and transfer fees, Western Union doesn’t charge any other fees. However, you may be charged origination fees by your bank and the recipient may also be charged bank landing fees. Senders who pay for their transfers using credit cards may be charged cash advance fees by their card issuers.

Western Union exchange rates are at par with most banks. However, in transfer fees, Western Union charges are much lower.


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