Wema Bank Mobile App | How to Download, Activate and use for Transactions

Wema bank is one of the Nigerian’s longest surviving indigenous bank. Wema bank was the first sub-Saharan African financial institution to fully deploy the finacle 10.2 core banking application which has greatly enhanced its branch and e-banking service offerings to customers whilst reducing system downtime and improving access to banking services. In this article, we will discuss how to download Wema bank mobile App, how to download and use for transactions.

Wema bank mobile app enables wema bank customers to perform transactions with the aid of an internet-enabled device or computer. The bank mobile app allows you to 24/7 access into your account, it is safe and secure, fast and convenient for users.


The benefit of Wema Bank Mobile App

  • With Wema bank app you can buy airtime.
  • Pay for subscriptions like DSTV, GOTV, and STARTIMES.
  • Remita payment.
  • Send money to other bank accounts.
  • Check your account balance.

How to Download Wema Bank Mobile App

  • Visit wemabank.com to get started
  • Click on e-banking and click on Wema mobile
  • A page will open which shows the requirements for downloading.
  • If you are an Android device user, you are required to click to download the android app, while IOS, blackberry and windows device user are expected to download the app for their respective devices.
  • Once you are done downloading the app, you are required to install it on your device.

Registration and Activation

After installation of the app on your device you are required to register and activate it before you can make use of the app. below are steps on how to register and activate.

  • Launch the app
  • Update the mobile app
  • After updating go to the app menu and click on the “SMS Banking” feature.
  • Next, generate your transaction pin.

Steps on how to generate transaction pin

  • Launch and update the Wema mobile Banking Suite App
  • Next, you are required to click the “SMS Banking feature on the app menu
  • Click the pin services feature
  • Select and click on generate pin.
  • Next thing is to input your bank account number, new pin and confirm pin.

Once this is done then you have successfully registered and activated your Wema mobile App.

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How to use Wema Bank USSD Code to Transfer money to any Account without an internet connection

Wema bank launched a USSD code that allows their customers to do transactions without the use of enabling internet devices. It is only the users of Wema bank customers are entitled to use the code *945# and only customers with a valid mobile number registered with the bank.

The benefit of Wema Bank USSD Code *945#

  • It is simple to use, stress-free and very convenient.
  • All monetary transactions are done within seconds.
  • It can be done on all phone types.
  • Checking of account balance.

Opening of Account

To open an account simply dial the code *945#, complete whatever information that will be requested from you then wait for the SMS notification that will show your new account number.

Money Transfer code

To make a quick money transfer from your bank to any bank, simply dial *945#BeneficiaryAccountNumber*Amount# and follow the prompts shown. The maximum daily transfer amount is N100,000.

For Pin Reset

Simply dial *945*00#, type in your current pin and then confirm the new one when the prompt pops up. Then continue your usual transactions with the new pin.

How to recharge Airtime from your Wema bank Account using USSD Code

Simply dial *945*Amount# from your registered number. you want to recharge for your families and friends, just dial *945*the recipient phone number*Amount#.


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