Visafone Internet Data Service Tariff Table: Visafone Data Bundle code

VisafoneBelow are the list of Visafone Data Bundle code (s), renewal codes, activation code and any more. Visafone Internet Data Service Tariff Table.

Modem Activation Bundle Plan for EVDO:

PlanVol of Data (MB)ValidityCost (₦)Activation Code
Modem + Data20030 days3,999843


Renewal Plans:

PlanCurrent Data VolumeExtra VolumeTotal Data VolumeValidityCost (₦)Renewal Code



1 day449651



7 days500657



30 days1,000813



30 days4,999812
Xpress [Mon-Thurs, (8pm-7am) & Fri 8pm – Mon 7am]


3GB30 days4,499681
Day Surfer (8am – 9pm)3GB3GB30 days4,999682
Monthly3GB900MB3.9GB30 days5,999652
Monthly5GB1.5GB6.5GB30 days7,499656
Monthly10GB3GB13GB30 days9,999653
Monthly15GB4.5GB19.5GB30 days12,999654
Monthly20GB6GB26GB30 days15,999655
King SizeUnlimited**Unlimited**30 days36,999683
6 Months + 1 Month FREE21GB21GB210 days35,999685
12 Months + 2 Months FREE42GB42GB420 days66,499686


**Fair usage policy of 50GB applies.


PlanCurrent Data Volume (MB)Extra Volume (MB)Total Volume (MB)ValidityCost (₦)Renewal Code
Router +Date1031330 days24,999653
Router + Data51.56.530 days19,999656


Mobile Internet:

PlanCurrent Data Volume (MB)Extra Volume (MB)Total Volume (MB)ValidityCost (₦)Renewal Code
Daily12121 day100663
Weekly50507 days400665
Monthly20020030 days1,000669
Monthly1,2003601,56030 days3,000664


Note: you will enjoy roll-over…carry over your unused data volume to the next month.

Renewal Plans for 1X:

PlanCurrent Data Volume (MB)Extra Volume (MB)Total Volume (MB)ValidityCost (₦)Renewal Code
Daily50MB50MB1 day120641
Weekly200MB200MB7 days500644
Xpress [Mon-Thurs, (8pm-7am) & Fri 8pm – Mon 7am]2GB2GB30 days2,499647
Day Surfer (8am – 9pm)2GB614.4GB2.6GB30 days2,700648
Monthly2GB614.4MB2.6GB30 days3,000642
Monthly5GB1.5GB6.5GB30 days5,999643
6 Months + 1 Month FREE14GB14GB210 days20,999671
12 Months + 2 Months FREE28GB28GB420 days38,999672


Mobile Internet:

PlanCurrent Data Volume (MB)Extra Volume (MB)Total Volume (MB)ValidityCost (₦)Renewal Code
Daily221 day25661
Weekly40407 days300667
Monthly15015030 days700668
Monthly50015065030 days1,500662


Note: To view Renewal Code Menu : Dial *44*600#

To pay for your Data subscription, Dial *444*Renewal Code*Modem Number#

To check your Current Plan: Dial *444*601*Modem Number#

To Confirm Subscription Transaction: Dial *444*602#

To Cancel  your current Plan: *444*603*Modem Number#

Also Note that:

  1. All plans are automatically renewed when subscription expires if the subscriber loads the required amount of airtime on the modem before the expiration of his /her current plan.
  2. You ca switch from pay as you browse to any plan of your choice.
  3. You can renew your subscription by simply topping up your modem or any Visafone prepaid handset with recharge card and dialing the appropriate code.
  4. You can change from your current plan to another plan after your current plan EXPIRES i.e. you cannot change to another plan while your current plan is still active.
  5. For other Data renewal options.


  1. E-Channels
    1. Visafone’s Website:
    2. Direct Debit – Zenith Bank PLC
    3. Internet Banking platform – Zenith Bank
    4. Cash Payment and Other Channels
      1. All Visafone Shops
      2. Cash deposit at the branches of the following Bank: Zenith Bank
      3. Recharge Cards

For more inquiries, call 400 (within Visfone Network) or 0704 1444 444 (from other Network).

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