When you signup for Facebook account for the first time, there are things that are default, meaning that it remains like that unless you decide to change them. I know how annoying it is like when you check your email and all you see are facebook.com messages. Here on this page you will learn how to Unsubscribe Facebook Messages coming into your Email Account.

What really make this message much is that there are different categories of messages that comes from facebook.com. For example:

  • when someone like your picture – you will get a notification for it
  • when you are tagged, another message
  • If any of is asking for a friendship or like your post or friends who have birthday, etc… you will still get a message for it.

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Now, in two ways you can unsubscribe Facebook Messages coming into your Email Account. You can either do this through your email account (from the message facebook sent to you) and you can also stop facebook flooding mails to your email account when you login to your facebook account.

How to Unsubscribe Facebook Messages coming into your Email Account


  1. When you login to your email account
  2. open any of the massages facebook.com sent you
  3. Check at the button of the message you will find a link to “Unsubscribe” your email account from receiving this message. See image below. From Email Logo: Unsubscribe Facebook Messages

    But please note that when you unsubscribe the massage for other facebook event in your account may till keep on coming until you finally unsubscribe them one after the other.

  4. Now a new page will open for you to login (if you are not yet login account), then asking you whether  you would like to opt out of this email notification? Logo: email notification
  5. Click “Confirm” then you see a new notification that You have opted out of receiving these notifications from Facebook (for that particular event only)

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  1. This time you don’t need to login to your email account, rather you login facebook.com account of yours
  2. Click on the “Facebook Setting tab” then click notification
  3. Then click “Email Edit” logo: How to Unsubscribe Facebook Messages
  4. now you can Tune off every notification you do not want to be receiving in your email account.
  5. Then confirm your action. And you are done with the stress of deleting messages from facebook in your email account.


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  1. I just do not want to send or receive facebook messages if there will be a charge for them. I do NOT want my email affected.

  2. milton williams says:

    unsubscribe from facebook

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