This is a scholarship programme that allows student to study at their comfort. it is for students around Africa. UNICAF partners with UK, US and European universities to offer online quality higher education degrees to students in Africa. Current partners include the University of South Wales (UK), the Marymount California University (USA) and the University of Nicosia (Europe). Unicaf 2017 Scholarship is now open for application.UNICAF provides scholarships for the online programmes offered by the University of South Wales in the UK, the University of Nicosia in the EU and the Marymount California University in the USA. The programme supports students that are domiciled in Africa and provides opportunities for studies towards various distance learning degree programmes awarded by European, British and American universities.

UNICAF 2017 Scholarship Open For African Students

Why To Chose UNICAF – UNICAF 2017 Scholarship

1.       High Quality, Lower Cost

  1. Save up to 80% by studying online. Online learning gives you access to modern education at a fraction of the cost of the chosen programme.

3.       Internationally Recognised Degrees

  1. Quality programmes taught by lecturers who are national and international experts

5.       Easy, Quick, Registration Process

  1. You can easily apply and start learning, benefiting from a state-of-the-art online virtual environment!

7.       Flexible, 24/7 Online Access

No fixed study hours, no ground rules. Adjust your studying schedule to suit your needs. The only requirement is to keep up with your deadlines.


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Successful students were able to make a significant contribution to their home countries at the highest level.

  1. The UNICAF Scholarship Programme was founded to offer gifted, underprivileged students from Africa the opportunity of furthering their education by studying towards internationally accredited qualifications at a much lower cost, which are offered fully online or through blended learning.
  2. The UNICAF Scholarship Programme is one of the most generous scholarship programmes available to African students and provides opportunities for studies towards undergraduate and postgraduate  degree programmes leading to awards by one of our partner universities.
  3. Students interested in UNICAF Scholarships should submit an application in order to be considered for a scholarship.
  4. Each scholarship application is given consideration and a decision is made depending on the academic qualifications and the financial need of the student.  Eligible students will be awarded a partial scholarship.
  5. Join our thousands of students from countries all over Africa, like Nigeria, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Ghana, Kenya, Botswana and many more.
  6. Apply today and take advantage of the UNICAF Scholarship Programme.


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UNICAF 2017 Scholarship Eligibility

To apply for the UNICAF Scholarship Programme, candidates should:

    1. Be earning less than $20,000 per year
    2. Be available to commence their academic studies within 6 months from the date of receiving admission to one of the programmes offered
    3. Meet the entry requirements of the respective programme of study

UNICAF 2017 Scholarship Academic Eligibility

To find out if you are academically qualified to apply for your programme of choice please visit the relevant section of our partner universities.

  1. For the University of South Wales programmes please follow the link below:
  2. For the Marymount California University programmes please follow the link below:
  3. For the University of Nicosia programme please follow the link below:
  4. For the UNICAF University programme please follow the link below:

Click on the links and apply now


Make use of the comment box below to ask your questions. GOODLUCK as you apply.

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