Turn Windows Defender Active | Anti-virus Scanning Processes

Presently, we all know we are living in the digital world where the computer do malfunction and corrupt if not handled with the right software and the right basic maintenance. Meanwhile, some programs are used to hack into systems if the security is not carefully activated and programmed. Now we will be talking about how to Turn Windows Defender Active as well as the ways to monitor anti-virus processes.

Moreover, the fact remains that some malfunction of your PC are often caused by not activating the anti-virus window defender and this is how the PC will keep reducing it value. Kindly read this article for details of activation.

How to Turn Windows Defender Active

The Following are the Key ways in which you can Turn Windows Defender Active;

  1. First of all check If the Windows Defender Is Running
  2. Then go to the Task bar
  3. Afterwards you can check for ‘’More Options menu’’
  4. Proceed to search for the ‘’Windows Defender icon’’
  5. Know If Windows Defender is turned off and your computer Windows has a threat the shield icon will have a small cross at the bottom right corner
  6. Finally, Click on the icon to launch the Windows Defender app

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  1. Insert defender into the Start Menu search bar
  2. Click on Windows Defender it will immediately launch the Windows Defender app
  3. Once it’s on you can go ahead to scan. See below to learn how to scan.

How to Know What Windows Defender Is scanning;

Here you will need to know if there is any virus in the PC;

  1. Firstly, go to Settings  icon  on the PC
  2. The setting option will open
  3. After that you can now check if the Windows Defender real time button is switched on
  4. Then Click on Windows scan option and know what is scanned (probably if there is virus or not).

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I beg of you try to Turn Windows Defender Active and do a friend well by share with them.

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