Travel Packing Tips

Top 7 Travel Packing Tips You Must Know

Every traveller knows that travel packing is one of the most important things you must do to have a great travelling experience. If you don’t pack your items right, you will end up finding out that you didn’t pack some of the most vital items you will need in your new destination. This is why I want to share these travel packing tips with you to make your travelling experience easy and helpful for you.

There are some basic plans and actions you will take and you won’t miss anything you need to pack in your travels. Furthermore, how you even arrange what you make will go a long way in making the travel luggage heavier or not. In essence, you need to know these experts travel packing tips.

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Top Experts Travel Packing Tips You Must Know

Here are the best tips to help you plan well.

1. Have A Packing Checklist

One of the best things you can ever do to have a good packing experience is to have a checklist. This checklist should contain everything you will need to travel. Very importantly, you must write this list days or even some weeks before you travel. When you write them in a hurry, you will definitely miss out and forget some items.

So, before you start packing, list out everything you think you will ever need. This checklist will ensure you gather everything you need before packing. You won’t forget anything in this way.

2. Always Roll Your Clothes

It is very important to roll your clothes for travelling rather than folding them. Rolling them ensure they aren’t creased or rumpled when you get to your destination. If you fold them, you will have lots of ironing to do in your new destination. I am sure that isn’t why you are travelling.

Furthermore, when you roll your clothes and put them in a vacuum compression bag, it will save more space for you to add other items you may need. Roll them, squeeze out the air and then, pack them.

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3. Heavy Items At The Bottom

This is a no-brainer. If you don’t want your vital items to be pressed so hard, then, place the heaviest items at the base of your travel box or bag. Never forget this. This will also help when the bag or box is placed in an upright position.

4. Get Reusable Water Bottle

This is very important as well. Please note, there should be no water inside it so you can be cleared through the airport security. When you are cleared by the security, go ahead and use the airport cafe to fill it up. This keeps you hydrated.

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5. Keep Socks & Undergarments Separate

One of the things you must achieve when packing is organization. When you are organized with your packing, it will be so easy to access anything without having to scatter all you have already arranged. So, it is important to pack all your socks and undergarments in, if possible, a small reusable cloth bag. This helps your packing to be organised and neat.

6. Hide Fragile Stuff In Clothes

If you have some fragile items you are travelling with, it is important to ensure you put them inside of clothes while packing. If you place them separately, any little pressure on them could break them. So, ensure you put them in-between clothes to ease the pressure effects that could happen on them.

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7. Don’t Over Pack

This is very vital. You must ensure that you don’t overpack beyond the limits your bag can carry. Your bag has a certain capacity it can carry, do all you can to pack within that limit. If your luggage is huge, invest in buying extra bags to carry them. More importantly, be very sure that you will need the items you’ve already packed in your bags to avoid excess luggage.


You don’t ever want to travel and remember you forgot some vital stuff you needed. Also, I am sure you don’t want to open your bag and see that your items were pressed down and broken. So, ensure you follow all these travel packing tips we’ve outlined here and you will be good to go.

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