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Kenya has a warm and humid tropical climate Travel Destinations and Cities on its Indian Ocean coastline. The climate is cooler in the savannah grasslands around the capital city, Nairobi, and especially closer to Mount Kenya, which has snow permanently on its peaks. Further inland are highlands in Central and Rift Valley regions where tea and coffee are grown as cash crops which are major foreign revenue earners.

Also, In the West are Nyanza and Western regions, there is an equatorial, hot and dry climate which becomes humid around Lake Victoria, the largest tropical fresh-water lake in the world. Travel Destinations and Cities in Kenya gives way to temperate and forested hilly areas in the neighbouring western region. The north-eastern regions along the border with Somalia and Ethiopia are arid and semi-arid areas with near-desert landscapes. You can keep reading to discover the list of Travel Destinations and Cities in Kenya.

List of Travel Destinations and Cities in Kenya

Here are the names of top Travel Destinations in Kenya;

  1. Nairobi National Park

Nairobi is the capital and largest city of Kenya. The name comes from the Maasai phrase Enkare Nairobi, which translates to “cool water”, a reference to the Nairobi River which flows through the city. The city itself has a population of 3,138,369, while the metropolitan area has a population of 6,547,547. The city is popularly referred to as the Green City in the Sun.

Nairobi was founded in 1899 by the colonial authorities in British East Africa. The town quickly grew to replace Machakos as the capital of Kenya in 1907. After independence in 1963, Nairobi became the capital of the Republic of Kenya. During Kenya’s colonial period, the city became a centre for the colony’s coffee, tea and sisal industry.

  1. Mombasa

Mombasa is a city on the coast of Kenya. It is the country’s second-largest city after the capital Nairobi with an estimated population of about 1.2 million people in 2016. Its metropolitan region is the second largest in the country, it has a population of approximately two million people. Moreover, Mombasa is the capital of Mombasa County.

Mombasa has an extra-large port and an international airport located on the east coast of Kenya, in Mombasa County and the former Coast Province. Mombasa’s situation on the Indian Ocean made it a historical trading centre which has being controlled by many countries because of its strategic location.

The city lies on the River Athi in the southern part of the country.  It has an elevation of 1,795 metres above sea level with a population of 3.36 million in 2011. However, Nairobi is the second-largest city by population in the African Great Lakes region after Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. According to the 2009 census, in the administrative area of Nairobi, 3,138,295 inhabitants lived within 696 km².

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  1. Amboseli National Park

This City is  known for its large elephant herds and views of immense Mount Kilimanjaro, across the border in Tanzania. Observation Hill offers panoramas of the peak and the park’s plains and swamps. Varied wildlife includes giraffes, zebras, cheetahs and hundreds of bird species.

The western section is dominated by vast Lake Amboseli, which is dry outside the rainy season.

  1. Maasai Mara National Reserve

This City is globally famous for its exceptional population of Masai lions, African leopards and Kenyan cheetahs, and the annual migration of zebra, Thomson’s gazelle, and wildebeest to and from the Serengeti every year from July to October, known as the Great Migration.

It is only a fraction of the Greater Mara Ecosystem, which includes these Group Ranches: Koiyaki, Lemek, Ol Chorro Oirowua, Olkinyei, Siana, Maji Moto, Naikara, Ol Derkesi, Kerinkani, Oloirien, and Kimintet.

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  1. Tsavo East National Park

This is actually one of the oldest and largest parks in Kenya at 13,747 square kilometres Situated in a semi-arid area previously known as the Taru Desert. It opened in April 1948, and is located near the town of Voi in the Taita-Taveta County of the former Coast Province.

The park is divided into east and west sections by the A109 road and a railway named for the Tsavo River, which flows west to east through the national park. It borders the Chyulu Hills National Park, and the Mkomazi Game Reserve in Tanzania.

  1. Lake Nakuru

Lake Nakuru is one of the Rift Valley soda lakes at an elevation of 1754 m above sea level. It lies to the south of Nakuru, in the rift valley of Kenya and is protected by Lake Nakuru National Park.The lake’s abundance of algae used to attract a vast quantity of flamingos that famously lined the shore. Other birds also flourish in the area, as do warthogs, baboons and other large mammals.

Eastern black rhinos and southern white rhinos have also been introduced. The lake’s level dropped dramatically in the early 1990s but has since largely recovered. In 2013, the lake received an alarming increase in the water levels that led to the migration of flamingos to Lake Bogoria in search for food supply.

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  1. Karen Blixen Museum

Karen Blixen Museum is located in what was then called British East Africa, the bungalow-style house which is now the Karen Blixen Museum was built in 1912 by the Swedish engineer Åke Sjögren.

The house and its attached property were bought in 1917 by Karen Blixen and her husband, Baron Bror von Blixen-Finecke with the intention of operating a coffee plantation. While she separated from her husband in 1921.


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