One may ask, what is an antivirus application? Antivirus are applications that protects your device (especially computers and mobile phones) from been interfered with. It protects them from viruses that are to alter the operating system of the device, and even run an unwanted program. Viruses are your enemies. You can protect your device from these malicious codes by the use of strong antivirus.

Mind you that we come encounter with many of these malicious codes as you browse through the internet daily. That is the reason why you need one of the aplication for protection.

Many of us finds it difficult to choose an antivirus application for your device. Yes is confusing?, here we are to clear your confusion and give you guides on the antivirus application to choose, because your choice matters. There are many antivirus applications; some are free while many are not. Here we present to you top strong antivirus application for your device safety and protection. This is what every computer and phone user who cares for his or her device safety should know.

Strong Antivirus For Your Device Protection:

BitDefender Antivirus

This is one of the most accurate and reliable virus fighter application. Bitdefender  is a likeable package which offers outstanding detection rates, great performance, and more than enough bonus features to validate its quality cost. BitDefender can be purchased at low cost. The new BitDefender application have new features like file encryption, firewall, parental control, antispam and a lot more.

Top Feature in BitDefender

  1. Automatic scanning
  2. Phishing protection
  3. Fast scanning
  4. Excellent virus detection
  5. Behavioral analysis.

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Panda Cloud Antivirus

This application offers effective phishing protection and detection rates combined with top-notch rootkit blocking your computer system from infections. Panda Cloud is a free total antivirus application, with the best protection from malicious codes.

Panda Cloud have added new features like On-Access Malware scan, On-Demand malware scan, phishing protection and malicious URL blocking. It provides protection against different kinds of malware on your computer. It makes your online transaction secured and runs on a local cache when the network is unavailable. It can be used as an offline based software, with full guarantee and protection.

Top New Features Added

  1. Cloud-based scanning
  2. Gaming mode
  3. USB immunization
  4. Bootable rescue kit


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F – Secure Antivirus

This software is usually for slower computer systems, lightweight, it is fast but more expensive, prone to false positives. Are you tired of some antivirus tools? F-Secure will make a refreshing change. They provide full time straight forward real time browsing and antivirus protection.

F – Secure provides a better platform from all his competitors like BitDefender and Panda Cloud. Its protection is tight and simple to run.


Avast Free have added new features an automatic gaming mode to mute popups and minimize system load when you’re firing up a processor-hungry game. The new interface has a clean new overhaul with password manager, which is an important security feature to you security portfolio. Avast now have a lot of data to work with, because it have expanded its database effectiveness to a whopping 400 million users.

Top New Features Added

  1. Excellent virus detection
  2. Phishing protection
  3. Built-in VPN
  4. System optimization tools


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Sophos Home

Sophos Home provides anti-malware protection, with browser tools like content control and anti-phishing. Although Sophos Home is not a free antivirus but it provides a better platform for system protection. It is a standard security software, you will like to use.

Top New Features Added

  1. Good virus detection
  2. Phishing protection
  3. Parental controls
  4. Protects up to 10 PCs

Adaware Antivirus – Free

This application program blocks malicious codes and fraudulent URLs, it works only on iffy downloads. Adaware packaged with a licensed engine from BitDefender and the advantage of adaware’s record are in anti-spyware but doesn’t except its result to be always good. Adaware is a new name for Ad-Aware Free Antivirus+, to celebrate the company’s re-branding from LavaSoft to Adaware. There are many features promised but they are not yet there.

Top New Features Added

  1. Download protection
  2. Malware scanner
  3. Behaviorial analysis

AVG Antivirus – Free

This antivirus program offers full protection from virus. It is related or just like Avast, but avast is regarded as the parent antivirus. It is owned by same company. This is one of the best antivirus application every computer user should have in his/she system.

Top New Features Added

  1. System optimization tools
  2. Phishing protection
  3. Good virus detection
  4. Malware scanner


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360 Total Security

360 Total Security is overloaded with features. It is one of the best antivirus application we recommend for your use. It does not popups, of which I know you will like to hear. 360 Total Security user privacy is at stake because as a user you have to sign up to Qihoo’s data-collecting User Experience Improvement program which is set at default. This allows the company to access your data and what they do to it is what one can’t tell of.

Top New Features Added To 360 Total Security

  1. Malware scanner
  2. Phishing protection
  3. Multiple virus scanners

We the newsyarena team is concerned with your protection, and not only you but your devices also. Make use of the applications for full safety of your computers and mobile phones. Keep your device protected and share, remember to make use of the comment box below.

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