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Nigeria is a fast growing country in Africa. This country is developing economically, with a lot of entrepreneurs. Nigerian commerce industry is growing rapidly. They are a lot of online shopping centers in Nigeria today. These online shopping centers in Nigeria are market place where you can buy goods at your comfort.

These online shopping centers in Nigeria makes sure they give their costumers the best services. Goods or products that you brought from any of these online shopping centers in Nigeria can be delivered to your doorstep at your comfort. It takes couple of minutes, to deliver. These online shopping centers are built to reduce stress and create a better marketing platform.

List of Online Shopping Centers In Nigeria – Online Market Place

Konga Nigeria

Konga is one of the best shopping centers in Nigeria, they deal with electronics, bags , fashion items and many other products. This online shopping center started in 2012  by Simdul Shagaya and have created a lot of competition in Nigeria online shopping centers. Konga has received over $35million from investors , and a lot of  the money was spent building their logistics and brand reputation. Visit Konga


Jumia Nigeria

Like Konga, jumia is another wonderful online shopping center in Nigeria. This company’s advert have dominated many advertising platform in Nigeria. They deal in some many things like – mobile phones , Laptops , Accessories , Fashion Items , Beauty items , Kitchen Utensils and lots more. If you order any product from jumia it will be delivered at your doorstep. Jumia was created in 2012 by two Nigerians Tunde Kehinde and  Raphael Afaedor. Later on , Rocket internet bought a huge stake in the company. The company is recongised today with many workers.


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Just like Jumia & Konga , Yudala has a wide range of products such as mobile phones , laptops , and other home appliances.Yudala was created in 2015 , and has emerged as an online and retail chain with the  aim of becoming the Amarket leader in trade and commerce on the continent.


List of Online Shopping Centers In Nigeria


Kaymu Nigeria

Kaymu was created in 2012 by Africa internet group and their business model basically revolves around creating online market platforms that allow buyers and sellers carryout transactions on their website. Although not as popular as the once mentioned above.



Taafoo has been existence long ago. Infact it is reconiged as the oldest online shopping centers in Nigeria. It was created in 2009, located at the heart of lagos, Ikeja. Visit their site today and enjoy online shopping – Visit Taafoo.com


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Adibba is an online shopping center in Nigeria. They aim at giving their customers the best products and services. It’s a well designed ecommerce website with product categories that include: Power solutions, electronics, fashion, home appliances, kid items and sports and fitness. They all install the equipments for you.


They are still many online shopping centers in nigeria but above are the best with better services. make use of the comment box below to share your ideas with us.

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