Top Museums You Should Visit In Your Life Time

Nigeria is a country that is known of many things. The country is filled with many cultural inheritage that one should explore. Right from the time memorial, Nigeria is known of their art work and high esteem for culture and its preservation. These art work is based on the culture and living of the people. All these works are housed in a place called museums. This article covers Top Museums You Should Visit In Your Life Time, to study and know more about the culture of his or her people.

These list are located in various towns of Nigeria. The following are list of museums You Should Visit In Your Life Time. Read carefully and make time to visit one with your family.


List Of Museums You Should Visit In Your Life Time

National Gallery of Modern Art

This museum is Located in the National Art Theater at Iganmu, Lagos, is a museum that says everything about Nigerian history and existence. It comprises pictures of past Head of States of Nigeria, pictures of literary giants, contemporary arts, bronze works, modern sculpture, glass painting and textile arts ,ceramics.

National War Museum

The National war museum was established to protect Nigeria’s war arte facts and to serve as a center for research and information on warfare in Nigeria. This museum tells story of Nigerian civil war. The War Museum has three major galleries were visitors can see war gadgets used during the Nigerian civil war and old ammunition.

Esie Museum

Esie museum created in 1945 located at Kwara State, as part of the first museum in Nigeria. Currently, the Esie museum is being used for religious activities and it hosts a festival annually. This museum have large collection of soapstone images in the world.


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National Musuem Abeokuta

This museum is located at Ogun state, it celebrates the rich history of Abeokuta the capital city. This museum boasts of art facts and records from the pre-colonial times, the colonial era and post-colonial times happening in Abekouta

Gidan Makama Museum

Gidan Makama Museum has 11 galleries that shows traditional musical instruments, Kanawa artefacts, pictures and materials. This museum is located at Emir palace road in Kano, built in the 15th century.


Benin City National Museum

Located in Benin city (the city center on King’s square),  with number of ancient and important artifact such as terracotta, cast iron and bronze pieces related to Benin Empire.


List Of Museums You Should Visit In Your Life Time


Oron Museum

This museum is one of the largest museum in Africa built in 1958 to house eight hundred ancestral figures known as “ekpu” of the Oron people, is the Oron Museum. We believed tthat it comprise of the oldest and finest surviving wood carvings in Africa. This museum is located in Oron in Akwa Ibom state.

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Badagry Heritage Museum

This Badagry Heritage museum is made up of 8 galleries and is a home of different artefacts, records and culture of the Badagry people. The galleries are named after different periods of the slave era and contain items and records that date back to the pre-slave era, he slave era and the post slave era. Try visit Badagry Heritage museum today and see things with your eye.


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