Kidney Damaging Foods

Top 7 Kidney Damaging Foods To Avoid

Your kidney is very vital to your survival. If it is not well-taken care of, it can cause a whole lot of damage that could be fatal. This is why it is very important to know the kidney damaging foods to avoid if you really want to live healthy and strong.

There are certain foods you can take in that causes continuous damage to your kidney. These foods may appear so little and less damaging. That notwithstanding, they cause much damage to your kidney. Which is why it is very vital to very careful about foods to eat.

Furthermore, people who have kidney problems are even advised to avoid some certain foods because those foods could further complicate the problem. When this happens, it delays the recovery process and time of the sick person.

Kidney Damaging Foods To Avoid If You Have Kidney Disease

Below are some of the kidney damaging foods you must do without if you value your kidney health.


Without a doubt, eating avocado pears is good for the body. They have many nutritional values for your body. However, anybody who has any kidney disease problem should avoid them. I will tell you why.

Naturally, avocados contain potassium. And when you have kidney problems, it is advised to avoid potassium. As a matter of fact, the level of potassium contained in Avocados is equal to the quantity contained in Banana.

  1. SODA

This is one type of food you MUST also avoid by all means. Soda doesn’t necessarily contain any nutritional benefit. In fact, it contains sugar and this sugar can lead to weight gains. Typically, a soda could contain up to 152 calories. Does that sound scary? This is harmful to your kidney. Rather, you should always prefer water to soda.

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Sodium isn’t actually food but it is a mineral contained in your meals. Basically, while it serves some vital purposes, it should be handled with care especially when you have kidney issues. For starters, it affects blood pressure. When sodium is built up in your body, it can cause breath shortness, swollen ankles, high blood pressure etc.

So, reduce your salt intake or even avoid table salts and some high sodium seasonings for cooking, avoid packaged foods and cook at home, etc.


Most people purchase canned foods as easily as anything else. If you find yourself in this category, stop it entirely. Canned foods contained high deposits of sodium (from salt used as preservatives). So, if you want to cure your kidney disease, then, avoid canned foods entirely.

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Butter which is made from animal fat contains lots of calories, saturated fat as well as cholesterol.  All these are very harmful to your kidney, most especially for someone who struggles with kidney disease. Either you avoid this entirely or you reduce the intake.


Just like butter, mayonnaise is high in calories. It contains about 103 calories. Furthermore, it has a high intake of saturated fat. You can use non-fat yoghurts as an alternative.

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If you love eating bread and you have kidney problems, it can be quite difficult to choose the type of bread to eat. Whatever you choose, avoid whole wheat bread. Although they are highly nutritious, medical personnel prefer white bread over wheat bread for kidney patients. The reason is quite simple. Whole wheat bread contains a huge quantity of phosphorus and potassium which a kidney patient doesn’t need.

So, here you have the top 7 Kidney damaging foods to avoid if you have kidney problems. Is this helpful? Share this to help someone who might need it.





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