Top 10 Rechargeable Battery Safety Tips | Techniques and Principles for Device Maintenance

There are some Basic Rechargeable Battery Safety Tips that can be taken into cognizance in order to effectively have some long-lasting functions to your phone or device. Battery as we all know has a lot of benefit when it comes to applying it to our devices, with out this battery all other usefulness are all in vain.

On the other hand, for it not to be a cons or disadvantages to us we ought to know the Basic Rechargeable Battery Safety Tips.

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Here are the Top 10 Rechargeable Battery Safety Tips for Devices

The following are all preventive measures that should be taken when make use of the battery;

  1. Do not by any means connect battery poles with conductors such as keys jewelry or other metal or other metal materials. Simply because doing so may harm or short your circuit the battery and injuries or burns.
  2. Do well to keep your battery away from excessive heat and direct sunlight. Do not place it on or in heating devices, such as microwave ovens, Stoves, or radiator. This may explode if heated.
  3. Do not at any attempt try to manufacture or manipulate any form of battery, insert any kind of object into it, immerse or expose it into water or any other liquid. This will one way or the other cause any form of explosion.
  4. Ensure the liquid part which is known as the electrolyte does not leak to make direct contact with your eyes or skin. However, if it touches your skin or eyes make an attempt to wash as fast as possible or see the doctor for quick care.
  5. Do not put battery in fire because they may explode. Damaged battery can also explode

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Other Precaution to be Taken

  1. Do not drop the battery on hard surface because it may damage
  2. Ensure Children don’t bite suck or chew or suck the battery because it may result to damage.
  3. Never expose the battery to high extension pressure doing so my lead to sort circuit
  4. Try as much possible to dispose used batteries in accordance with the local regulations because improper battery use may lead to fire outbreak.
  5. In case of battery deformation, colour change or over heating while charging or storing, immediately stop using the device and remove the battery, continuous use may lead to battery leakage.

We therefore believe that by virtue of Top 10 Rechargeable Battery Safety Tips one can proudly say that he/she can now know how to keep the battery safe.

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