Top 10 Highest paying sports in the world 2018

The entertainment industry is very lucrative. Sports, in particular, are highly lucrative. The highest paid sports stars are among the richest people in the world. Every year, several lists are published to evaluate the worth of the players. We will discuss the top 10 highest paying sports in the world.

From their wages and bonuses, prize money from competitions or tournaments they engage in, as well as endorsement deals, an average sports star have multiple alternatives and channels of income. This is why names like Floyd Mayweather, Cristiano Ronaldo, Lebron James, Lionel Messi, Kevin Durant, etc. feature in the lists of the richest men in the world. However, it is apt to note that while it is arguable that all kinds of sport are lucrative, it is also apt to note that some kinds of sports are more lucrative than their equivalents. It is to this end that we present to you the top ten highest paying sports in the world.


Highest paying sports in the world


  1. Basketball

    highest paying sports


Basketball is currently the highest paying sport in the world. The NBA is a basketball tournament and it has been praised significantly for appearing among the sports leagues that reward athletes most.

High-profile basketballers earn big and statistics show that they have various sources of income including endorsement deals and salaries paid by their respective teams. Basketball has been a high-paying sport for long and this can be substantiated through the massive sums its participants have been earning for long. Meanwhile, his overall income rose to the sums of $36.0 and $43.9 million in 1993 and 1995 respectively. Presently we have basketball athletes with the likes of Lebron James ($86.2 Million), Kevin Durant ($60.6 Million), Stephen Curry ($76.9 Million), and James Harden ($46.6 Million) are among the current highest-earning athletes in the world.


  1. Boxing

    highest paying sports


Boxing is the currently the second highest paying sports in the world.  boxing is considered one of the most dangerous sports on earth; boxing has carved out a niche for itself among the best-paying sports. To clarify this, there are a significant number of boxers (including Manny Pacquiao, Vladimir Klitschko, and Floyd Mayweather among others) who earn millions of dollars.


Mike Tyson who is a legendary boxer once earned $75 million from the sport. Floyd Mayweather tops the list with his mega earnings of $105 million. Like other professional sportsmen, boxers have a varied source of income as this includes endorsements, betting and commissions realized from “Pay per View’’. Boxers are paid sumptuously as the prize for their vigorous athletic skills in tournaments.


  1. Auto Racing

    highest paying sports

Auto racing is a game for the thrill lovers and car enthusiasts. Several racing events such as the Grand Prix of Formula1 or NASCAR earn its reputation for being one of the highest paying events in the sports universe. All these huge events draw in a lot of money from sponsors and endorsers of the event. Sebastian Vettel is reported to have earned $150 million from an endorsement deal with Ferrari. Fernando Alonso follows suit with a yearly salary of $40 million.


  1. Golf

    highest paying sports

Golf is also known as the rich people’s game. Not only is it for the classy and sophisticated, it also makes its players rich. Legendary golfer and one of the most successful athletes of any genre, Tiger Woods, still holds the history of achieving the first place in Forbes list of Richest Players, a record eleven times.


He first topped the Forbes list in 2002 with $69 million. Then in 2003 with $78 million, in 2004 with $80.3 million, in 2005 with $87 million, in 2006 with $90 million, in 2007 with $100 million, in 2008 with $115 million, in 2009 with $110 million, in 2010 with $105 million and in 2011 with $75 million. Finally, he tops again in 2013 with a total income of $78.1 million. Other rich players in this category include Jack Nicklaus and Arnold Palmer who both earn in millions.


  1. Soccer

    highest paying sports


Soccer is reportedly the loved sport in the world. It is a celebrated sport all around the world. One only need to attend the premier league matches and the huge viewership that sports channels have during football seasons comprehend the level of dedication people have toward the sports.

Some top earners in this category of sport include Cristiano Ronaldo who leads with an astonishing $88 million dollar earn for salary plus endorsements. And Lionel Messi whom Forbes Magazine reports having earned an average of $80 million in salary and endorsements.


  1. Tennis

    highest paying sports


Tennis is one of the most popular recreational sport around the globe. The French tournaments among other tournaments rake in a lot of money both for the event organizer as well as the players. Roger Feder who is currently topping the list with a total of $77.2 million in earning. Selena Williams is also a top earner in the women’s category.


  1. Ice Hockey

    highest paying sports

The fast-paced physical sport, Ice Hockey, is often cited the nickname “The Fastest Game on Earth”. Ice hockey is also widely known as one of the highest paying sports in the world. And the participants have frequently achieved decent positions in the Forbes list of Richest Players.

Legendary ice hockey player Wayne Gretzky achieved the 5th place in the list in 1994 with a total income of $13.5 million. He again achieved the 10th place in the list in 1995 with a total income of $14.5 million. Canadian ice hockey player Joe Saki achieved the 9th place in 1997 with a total income of 17.9 million. Russian international ice hockey player Sergei Fedorov also achieved the 3rd place in the list in 1998 with $29.8 million total income.


  1. Baseball


    highest paying sports

Baseball is one of America’s most loved sports. Boys learn to play baseball from a very young age in the United States and baseball games record a high attendance rate. Because of the huge following, the sport has been able to attract a lot of endorsements for the players in the baseball league which adds to their wealth.

Some of the richest names benefiting from playing this sport include Alex Rodriguez who achieved the 7th place in the Forbes list of Richest Players in 2003 with a total income of $26 million and again achieved the 9th place in 2004 with a total income of $26.2 million and in 2011 with $35 million total income.


  1. Cycling

    highest paying sports


There are many cycling tournaments that are considered among the highest paying event on the planet earth. And they have huge prize money gifts for the winners. Some of the very best cyclists get pretty huge endorsements from interested brands. Lance Armstrong is one of the highest paid cyclists in the world and according to Forbes list of rich player, he is at number nine.


  1. American Football

    highest paying sports


American Football earns its place among the highest paying sports in the world. America football games are usually packed to the maximum and with such a huge audience brand are sure to be competing for an opportunity to form partnerships with the top players and winning teams. Some of the top earners in this game include Joe Montana, Peyton Manning who once earned $42 million from the sport and Deion Sanders who raked in a whopping $22.5 million.


Among all he games listed above, which is your favorite?  Use the comment box below to share your thoughts.


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