The growing rate of internet technology has transformed the way on how we communicate with our families, friends, relatives, customers, clients and business partners. Today each and every one of us own email account from leading email service providers. We are using these top 10 free email service providers for various areas such as personal use, company use and so on.

Many individuals and entrepreneurs now depend on email service providers and the increasing rate at which the number of email service providers has become a problem to people to choose the right one. In order to make it easier for the people to choose the right email service providers, we came up with the list of top 10 free email service providers which features security, speed, storage space, anti-spam, productivity and the apps.

free email service providers are taken into considerations to prepare a list of fast, reliable and service providers. This site has provided for you the list of top 10 free email service providers you need to know.

List of Top 10 Free Email Service Providers

below are the list of top 10 free email service providers

  • Gmail
  • Yahoo mail
  • com
  • com
  • Zoho
  • Gmx
  • com
  • Proton
  • Yandex mail
  • AOL


Gmail is one of the most used and the best free email service providers across the world. it is also one among the popular services offered by Google. The email service from the technology giant Google provides you with a simple user interface.  Gmail gives you automatic access to many of Google’s other services, such as Drive, Calendar, Maps and Google Plus. Gmail offers 15 GB of free storage to the users. This free storage can be used for Google plus photos and Google Drive so that you can have plenty of storage space to store any kind of files as per your requirement. You can attach files up to 25MB and upload more than one at a time. Once they are attached, documents and images are displayed as thumbnails, so it’s easy to verify you’ve attached the correct files. When you receive attachments in an incoming message, these, too, are displayed as thumbnails so you can preview and sure they are safe to download to your computer. Gmail is optimized in four tabs such as social, promotion, primary and update. It facilitates both IMAP and POP.

  Yahoo mail

Yahoo mail is a venerable email service. And it takes extra steps to keep your account secure by automatically enabling spam filters and directing messages into the spam folder. Yahoo Mail comes with an excellent feature that lets you to collect junk emails in the Spam folder. You can also report the unwanted emails missed by the filter. About 200 files can be filtered from the incoming emails. It also provides you with the facility of blocking instant messaging contacts and email addresses. The sender block lets you add an email address to a blacklist, rather than redirecting emails from these senders into the spam or trash folders as other email services do, Yahoo Mail blocks these messages entirely. Yahoo Mail gives you 1 terabyte of inbox storage (enough to hold 20 million email messages) before you must delete some to receive more messages. You also have a daily sent-message limit of 500 emails – five times more than most free email services allow, but less than Gmail. is one of the top email services and was previously known as hotmail. Outlook provides a simple user interface, outlook is known to provide better privacy features when compared to Gmail. Outlook is integrated with Microsoft Office. So, you can easily view or create office files in the email dashboard.

Outlook users can also enjoy better protection against spam and virus as it has integrated virus scanning and spam filtering features. You can also enjoy unlimited storage, which is one of the amazing features of Outlook. While Gmail offers 15 GB of storage, Outlook offers unlimited storage. has a unique feature that is capable of inviting you to a homepage stuffed with news all over the world which include both local and national events, celebrities, fashion, and finance news. gives you the ability to draw messages from email services and this feature is called mail collector. This feature is beneficial for those people with multiple email address.

Zoho Mail

Zoho mail is more beneficial for businesses as it comes with a lot of features and it offers excellent email service for personal use. Zoho mail is simple and plain email service with an intuitive interface. It includes features such as calendar, contacts, notes, tasks, links and so on. Zoho mail has only 5 GB of email storage.


GMX makes use of SSL encrypted technology that protects your email from viruses and it provides unlimited email storage that allows up to 50 MB file attachment. You can manage all your email accounts by using email collector. provides 5 GB of email storage which is more than enough to store incoming emails with attachments. You can easily change the layout of your inbox with their drag and drop tool. It also has features such as games, photo sharing, e-cards, custom themes, screen saver and many more. provides five levels of spam protection that enables you to block HTML images, receive messages from the whitelist, optimize messages separately and get them deleted.

Proton Mail

Proton mail is a basic email service that is easy to set up because it doesn’t request for any personal information. All you need is to pick a username and password. You can attach multiple files at once to outgoing messages and the maximum attachment size is about 25 MB you can’t preview your files without downloading and opening them. The inbox storage of proton mail is about 500 MB.

Yandex Mail

Yandex mail offers a full, rich and usable email with powerful web access, mobile apps as well as IMAP access. Yandex mail has unlimited storage space only 30 MB files can be attached to it. The maximum file size that can be uploaded to this email service is around 2 GB. Yandex has antivirus software called Dr. Web that could screen and block incoming infected spam and virus.

AOL Mail

AOL Mail has unlimited storage space which enables you to attach up to 25 MB documents. With AOL Mail you can enjoy parental controls, and spyware protection. AOL Mail enables you to choose your preferred domain name and you can invite up to 100 friends to remain as the part of the domain.