Three students injured in Bannu grenade explosion

Bannu grenade explosion

Bannu – Three students were injured when a grenade exploded in a school in Bannu while four persons were injured when a blast occurred in Charsadda.

According to police, a ninth grade student of Government High School named Salman brought a hand grenade to his class that he had found on his way, and while he was displaying it to other fellow students at school, the grenade exploded with a bang, injuring Salman and two other students.

The Bomb Disposal Squad and police personnel reached the school and defused another bomb in the vicinity. Police detained the student and searched his house as well.

On the other hand, four persons were injured when a blast occurred inside a house in Tehsil Shabqadaq area of Charsadda.

Also, a blast occurred near the vehicle of security forces in Shakai area of South Waziristan, and fortunately no loss of life was reported in the incident.

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