TextPlus is a free texting app available for iPhone and Android. It’s an easy to use application that allows users create the custom US and Canada phone number to unlimited receive and text SMS for free. 

TextPlus also supports push notifications, so you’ll be notified of new texts even when the app isn’t open.

Also for the incoming call, it works like your normal call. You see your phone ringing for incoming calls. You can accept, end, activate loud-speaker, mute, etc… like the normal call interface.

If you are familiar with WhatsApp, Skype callings then you should understand what am saying.


TextPlus App Download for Mobile Phones

Downloading the app is absolutely free through your mobile App store (Google Play store for Android and iTunes Store for iOS).

But sometimes Google Playstore restricts access to some region. Still, there’s a better alternative to get your textPlus Mobile App download Which we have shared below.

The link above for APK app download is a redirection outside this page and textPlus. But be assured that the website is free from virus and all other malicious that may affect usage of the app. So, we are recommending to get the apk from the webpage.

Please note that when you visit the website to download the APK, you can select a smaller (old) version if your phone isn’t compatible with the latest upgrade of textplus app.

Getting Free Custom US Phone number on TextPlus

On registration, textPlus offers a free customized US phone number that will allow you to send and/or receive SMS and MSM. With the number you can receive calls from a non-textPlus number, meaning, receiving calls is also free of charge.

To get the Phone number, use the steps below;

  1. After downloading the app using the links above
  2. creating an account for the first time, then click “SIGN UP”.
  3. another popup comes up that you allow textPlus to access your contact, images, location, etc… just keep tapping “ALOW”.
  4. First to complete on a form is to enter a username and password. And once done with that, you check the box to accept the terms and condition of the account you are creating. Also by checking the box means that you are 13+ of age.
  5. then click on SIGN UP
  6. the next screen you see will be to select your area code. Which after doing that you get to the next screen to either “GET A CUSTOM NUMBER” or SKIP to do that later.  But you want the phone number, therefore, click on “GET A CUSTOM NUMBER“.
  7. You will now have to verify that you are human doing all of the above.
  8. Then wait a less than a minute while textPlus validates your account.
  9. Once that is done you get your new US phone number displayed right on your screen.

Now you can share the phone number with family and friends or business partners because they can always reach you at any time with it via SMS or call.

How to Sign Up TextPlus.com Account:

Following the steps above also means signing up for a new account. The extra step(after that above steps)  is going to your textPlus account settings;

  • Add email address: After adding the email address, a notification email will be sent to that email. Now you have to open your email to verify it.
  • Add more numbers: also a verification will be sent to that phone number you added before textplus app approves it, just like an email address.
  • Add your name
  • and more…

Once you are done with all of this you are good to go…

The purpose of adding numbers on textplus is to allow others who already have that number to locate you and chat with you anytime.


TextPlus Call Rate – Paid and Free

I was already explaining in the above paragraph that you can text for free, receive text for free, and receive calls for free (whether international or local call).

But this is where the charges come in…

When you are the person initiating a DOMESTIC & INTERNATIONAL CALLING the charges starts from 2¢/MIN. Off-course still very cheap and affordable to use. That is what makes textPlus outstanding.

With your textPlus number, you can make easy & affordable international calls to any mobile or landline number in thousands of destinations around the world.

Take for instance;

  • CANADA – From 2¢/min
  • MEXICO – From 2¢/min
  • UNITED KINGDOM – From 2¢/mi
  • CHINA – From 2.2¢/min

Sending Text Message

This is absolutely free. Once you have completed the creating account process, TextPlus syncs with your contact list so you can send an automatic message to all your friends with your new texting phone number (you can also skip this step if you want). Then you are ready to start texting.


How To Login TextPlus Account WIth Mobile Phone

You need your email or username or phone number to sign into your account.

To Login…

  1. launch your app
  2. enter either your email address (if you have added it) or phone number (which could be the textplus number or the numbers you added) or username
  3. the next form is to enter your password
  4. then click the Login

But note that you the email address or/and phone number MUST be verified by textplus before using it to login.


Hope you got all details you need about TextPlus APK App Download and Create New TextPlus.com Account with Phone on this page?

If you have any further question, please do use the comment box below.

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