Talkatone is an application specially designed to design to enable its users to send and receive free voice calls messages. With talkatone app, you can connect to people when you want, where you want, how you want without high cost and difficulty of dealing with a mobile phone plan.

With talkatone app you can make call a very low cost, texting, chatting and other social sharing services. It enables you to call, text, chat and share with friends and family that do not have the app to install. Talkatone allows you to make both inbound and outbound calls for free.

Mobile devices compatible with this application include iPhone (3GS, 4,4S, 5), Android 2.2,  (2.3+ is required for Bluetooth and speakerphone), armv7 or x86 CPU, iPad (2,3rd Generation, 4th Generation, Mini) and iPod touch (3rd Generation, 4th Generation, 5th Gen).

Features of Talkatone app

  1. Free Texting and free Calling- call the US and Canada
  • Text and call anyone via Wi-Fi or cellular data
  • Text with Wi-Fi or cellular data to quickly message family and friends
  • Free SMS/MMS texting with your free US/Canadian phone number
  1. Cheap international calls
  2. Free picture texting
  3. Free burner Number- change your number anytime.

How to download Talkatone app and Activate

To download takatone app simply follow the steps below

  • Move to your Google play store or app store
  • Input talkatone in the search box
  • Once the app shows up, install it on your mobile device
  • Launch the application
  • Register with your email address or your mobile number where you can receive verification email or text
  • Confirm the account by clicking on the link that will be sent to your email.
  • Choose a talkatone number
  • You may begin to call, text and share pictures.

How talkatone works

The major functions of talkatone is texting and calling. This is built on the functionality of google voice. First, you are required to acquire a Google voice number and it is free. This will, in turn, becomes your talkatone number, your texts from the talkatone app will display this Google voice number as caller and when people dail your Google voice number, you will have the opportunity of choosing either to receive the call as a regular mobile phone call ( which uses cell minutes) or through the talkatone app.

Talkatone allows calls or text on Wi-Fi and 4G. it is also possible to make calls and send SMS to other Talkatone users without Google account, you can as well import your facebook messenger without possessing Google account.


Please if you have any problem concerning talkatone app contact talkatone or email talkatone at [email protected]


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