Steps to Root Android Phone Without Stress

Talking about how to Root Android Phone, There are convenient and necessary steps to take when you want to Root Android Phone. It means to install the custom Android OS, to enhance the device performance and as well as to help the speed of the processor.  You will need to learn the easy procedures below.

Moreover, Rooting of Android is what jail breaking is to iOS devices. It allows you access to the core of the firmware and gives you greater control over your device. Rooting lets you install third-party apps, remove the unnecessary apps that keep running in the background for no reason, remove adware, and more. Therefore, to learn how to Root Android device follow the right procedures below.

Steps to Root Android Phone Without Stress

The following are the right steps to back up your and root your Android Phone fast;

And before you go about rooting your device you need to back up your device through these procedures below;

How to Backup Your Device;

If you are new to rooting, the risks could be higher. A single wrong step could turn your device into a brick that is the reason why backing up your phone is a good idea for you to have a successful browsing. Don’t be scared of going about the rooting processes trust me rooting of your device don’t usually harm the data saved on your device.

Backing up is easy; just make sure your Android device is connected to the internet (preferably Wi-Fi). Here is how you can do that:

  1. Firstly, Open Settings app on Android
  2. Then Select Personal
  3. Click Select Backup & Reset the page
  4. Click ‘Backup my data’
  5. Lastly, Select the Google account to which you wish to backup the data

Note: Backup may take a while depending on your last backup and size of data to be backed up. Also, the above steps may vary across Android devices. But all you need to do is find the Backup option in the Settings app.

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The following are the right steps to back up your and root your Android Phone fast;

Step 1

Make Use Your Android Phone (Without Computer)

The installation process of these apps isn’t exactly straightforward. But, it’s not very difficult either. What you need to do is get the APK file on your device. You can run that APK file and install the rooting application. Here are the installation steps:

  1. Firstly, Open a mobile browser on your Android for example Chrome Browser
  2. Then Visit
  3. Thus far, Save the APK file on your device storage
  4. You will be Redirected to the next page which is to Security option in the ‘Settings’ app on your Android
  5. Enable or check Unknown Sources. You need to turn this option on because we are side-loading KingoRoot from a third-party source. Android blocks third-party downloads and installation for security purposes
  6. Now navigate to the folder on your device where the APK file is saved. You can also use Explorer or File Manager app to go to APK folder
  7. Finally, run the APK file and allow the installation to completer

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How to Root Using Android Phone with App;

Step 2

Making Use of Your Computer

If you have not been able to gain the root access to your Android, you could try this steps below;

  1. Firstly,  visit KingoRoot site and download the Windows version of the application from
  2. Then Download and run the KingoRoot.exe portable application to install this rooting app.
  3. If This Windows app does try to install some additional app but not without taking your consent. If you don’t want to install any concomitant programs, such as ‘Yahoo browser’ Also, make sure you uncheck the option at the time of installation and click ‘Decline.’
  4. Then try to turn on the USB Debugging mode on your Android device. The steps to turn this feature on may vary across Android versions.
  5. Then open the Settings app on your Android and locate the ‘Developer’ options.
  6. Followed by Selecting the option and you should be able to see the option to turn USB Debugging on. In some phones, you may need to enable Developers mode before you can turn debugging on.
  7. You are definitely set to root Android device using the computer and rooting application. Run the KingoRoot application on your computer.
  8. Now, connect the Android device to the PC using a USB cable.
  9. Thereafter, within a few seconds, your computer will detect the device and establish the connection.
  10. You may see the message on your Android saying ‘Allow USB debugging?’ If this appears, simply tap the option ‘Always allow from this computer’ followed by pressing ‘OK.’


For more on the ways to Root your Android Phone without stress stay focus on this page better still use the comment box below.


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