Do you know the use of smartphone has done more harm than good in the society at large? some cant do without holding their smartphone for hours which they don’t know such smartphone addiction will cause damage  to their health.

smartphone addiction will cause damage   much among youth this days, all because of social media and many more. The few point i will give you will help you to be conscious of smartphone addiction  the damage will cause.

Youth are more prone to dangers when making use of these gadgets and this is detrimental to their health. Apart from the use of phone to make calls there are other dangers attache to the use of smartphones which i am about to list below.

Ways Smartphone Addiction Will Cause Damage To Your Health – Health Damage

The following are the dangers of smartphone addiction;

1 .Lack of Sleep: It has being said that one need to have an healthy sleep about 6-9 hours daily. But some youth will still go to bed late, with their phone not knowing the danger attached to it.

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2.Inadequate Eyesight: The danger of smartphone addiction cannot be over emphasize.excessive looking at the screen of your phone will cause ones eyes to turn red. Hence, this is one of the dangers of the smartphone make sure you don’t stay to long on watching the screen.

3.Damage of the Ear: It is a great danger for youth to make use of earphones especially for hours listening to music. One may not get d pains now but when the time comes you will definitely know the implications.

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4.Stress: There is no way you wont be stressed up after you use the period you are to sleep to chat online definitely you will be stress up. This can lead to tiredness and worry

5.Body pain: This is as a result of bad body posture, having a good body posture is very necessary in ones health. This is one of the damages youth cause themselves. That they should try as much as possible to avoid smartphones addictions in-order to avoid these health dangers.

We all know that many has falling victim to these smartphone addiction will causes damage  to your health tips. If you found any applicable to you please try give your feedback by making good use of the comment box below. Thanks.

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