Signup Outlook Mail Account

Signup Outlook Mail Account Here Easily

Outlook mail is one of the best and easy to use email service you can find out there. This will be a comprehensive guide on how you can easily signup Outlook mail account here without stress. You should really have an outlook account because you will love to use this wonderful email service provider.

The Outlook mail is a product from Microsoft. It comes as a general part of the Microsoft Office suite. The major function of the Outlook mail is to send and receive emails. However, it plays more important functions than that.

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The Outlook mail can also serve as a journal, for web browsing, note-taking, calendar, task manager etc. This is where it stands out from other email service providers out there.

How To Signup Outlook Mail Account

If you are ready to create your Outlook mail account, here is your step by step guideline as you follow through.

  1. first, you need to log on the Outlook mail signup portal here.
  2. Then, you will need to type in the new email address you want to use and then, click on next.
  3. In the next opened page, you will be prompted to type in your password and still click on “next”. Note that your password MUST be at least 8 letters long, contains alphabets and numbers. This is to give you a strong password. Learn how to create a very strong password here.
  4. The next step is where you type your full name. Click on next.
  5. Furthermore, you will be required to put in the following details:
    1. Country
    2. Date of birth
  6. You will be asked to type in some security words. Type it and send and your outlook account will be created.

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How To Log Onto Outlook Account

As you have seen above, the process of creating an Outlook account is pretty easy. After creating the account, you will be automatically logged into your account. What happens when you log out and want to log in again? Here is the guide you will need.

  1. Simply visit the Outlook Login portal here.
  2. The next step is to simply and easily input the email address and the password you created above. Ensure you get them typed correctly.
  3. Then, click on “submit”.
  4. You will be logged into your account immediately, without delay.
  5. Good luck.

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