Schedule WhatsApp Messages On Android | How To Install WhatsApp

As we all know that the great benefit of make use of WhatsApp are not far fetch. It only takes those who can join the team and move on with chatting. Also, Just as we engage in the chatting processes we can Schedule WhatsApp Messages to make the choice when messages will be sent to a recipient.Here are the right steps to take when we want to Schedule WhatsApp Messages;

How To Schedule WhatsApp Messages On Android

Before you schedule Messages, You will need to Install the app now see below where to install the app;

  • First of all install one of the apps from Google Play Store. Before you talk about the how to schedule the messages.
  • Thereafter, go to Settings >> Accessibility >> Services (In some devices the path is Settings >> Advanced >> Accessibility). Now select, to enable the service.

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See How To Schedule WhatsApp Messages

  • You can now go back to the home screen and launch Scheduler for WhatsApp messages. This can done through the following below;
  1. Firstly, you need to go to n the app front homescreen, click on the ‘+’ sign or icon on the lower left corner.
  2. Then proceed to make your choice on the recipients you want to send the scheduled WhatsApp message to. (It either you select individuals or group chat).
  3. At this point, you can now choose the date and time when you would like the message to be delivered
  4. Make a choice now on the particular duration you want the messages to last before it is finally delivered. For example, one can have the message sent just once, daily also for weekly, monthly and yearly as you want it delivered. (This is actually how the messages is being scheduled to meet is recipient, from writing the message to choosing when you want the messages to be reached).
  5. Finally, type in your message in the ‘‘Enter Message/Attach Image’’ section. As the title suggests, you may also attach an image to your message.

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Note: Preferably, you may make use SQEDit Scheduling App if you like. Schedule WhatsApp Messages apps have the same functions. It is done through the same processes.

Also, the device must be Unlocked in order for the app to send the message. Due to security reasons, the apps cannot bypass the authentication or locked screen on the non-rooted devices.

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