How to Safeguard ATM Card from Fraudsters | ATM Protection Tips

ATM as we all know is what enable one to get access to their money, it now left for one to know the amount which one want to withdraw. Therefore, there are various ways to Safeguard ATM Card from any kind of fraudsters who find a lope hole to get access into someone’s account. It is now left for one to follow the right steps to protect you from fraudsters.

Furthermore, everyone should try as much as possible to adhere strictly to the ways to Safeguard ATM Card from Fraudsters in order not to say had I know. As we all know that ATM card enables us to go through one transactions or the other. Nowadays that there is a recent use of ATM card and Machines, there is always an increase in scam, therefore In order not to fall victim of the evil of ATM fraudsters I beg of you kindly follow the ways to protect yourself from scammers below;

How to Safeguard ATM Card from Fraudsters

Here is how you can have a good and safe transaction on ATM Card;

  1. Learn How to Operate an ATM Machine

The process of using an ATM Machine is as easy as you think, all you need do is to go to the ATM point alone and follow the instructions which will be giving to you. In other words, one can escape from falling into the trap of ATM fraudsters only if he/she knows how to operate an ATM machine.

ATM machines are simple to use if only you are inquisitive to know how to use them. It is as good as you simply go through the instructions and follow the commands that relates to your request by pressing buttons besides the screen in regards to your bank account.

  1. Don’t Expose Your PIN

PIN is meant to be a Personal Identification Number and not to be shared with anyone, most people will want their friend to run one or two transaction for them on the ATM Stand in that case they disclose their PIN which they may fill it doesn’t matter but I tell you today that it matters a lot.  Always try you ensure to memorize your PIN instead of writing it down on a paper

Infact, it is very much important to avoid saving your PIN code and bank account details in your mobile phone. For example, when phone gets missing or is stolen, such details make your bank account vulnerable to fraud. In conclusion, don’t in any way let a store keeper assist you to key in your PIN on the P.O.S because it will increase the rate of scammers.

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  1. Change PIN often

Shouting it well so that you will understand me well Lol…,don’t i repeat I say don’t in any way let your PIN out to any one you call your friend or foe but try to do yourself good by changing your PIN as often as possible, this will reduce the rate at which you fall victim to fraudsters. Prevention they say is better than cure. If you use an ATM regularly and the appearance of the card slot changes, contact bank personnel to alert them.

  1. Regularly Bank Statement of Account

In this case, If you come across any form of an unhealthy transaction going on in your account, try to have a rapport with your bank as fast as possible. In the other way wrong, if your ATM card get was stolen, notify your bank so that they can go ahead to block the Card to prevent illegal transactions in your account.

It is as well important to note that when updating any personal information with your bank makes it easier bank to notify you on any scam transaction. Here, your personal information relating to the bank would include your name, address and phone number with other important details.

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  1. When the ATM ceased your card don’t re-enter your PIN

Whenever you noticed that your card had been ceased please for crying out loud doesn’t enter your PIN again. Nowadays most ATM fraudsters what they do now is to insert blocking devices into card slots to cease ATM cards.

In this case, as you re-enter your PIN, you give fraudsters access sensible to both your PIN and also to withdrawal from your account free of charge even at their convenience. Therefore, it is left for you to try all you can to be conscious of receiving advice from strangers who prove to be Godly, please don’t concur to their request.

  1. Know Your Bank Services

Always do yourself good to know the policies and ways in which your bank operates in order to prevent any form of fraud. Also ask the customer care the procedures for recovery of Lost or stolen ATM card. In the same vein, it’s also a good idea to know what your bank’s security procedures are and what they are meant for.

Another thing is the issue of secret questions and a password that helps keep your details from any kind of scam though might seem annoying.


Safeguard ATM Card from Fraudsters today and you are assured of a successful transaction. Please comment below. Thanks.

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