Rechargeable Lamp Maintenance Tips | Precautions Guiding Lamp usage

Rechargeable Lamp typically may not be replaced but only disposable after it is being used if not maintained effectively, but have much higher cost of ownership and environmental impact. Therefore, there are some Rechargeable Lamp Maintenance Tips which one needs to follow in order to perfectly use the lamp. So as they can be recharged inexpensively many times and need not to be replaced like phone battery.

Moreover, there are some rechargeable lamps types that are available in the same sizes and other parameters. The following are the right precautions to take while using the rechargeable lamp below.

Rechargeable Lamp Maintenance Tips

The following are the precautions that guilds the use of rechargeable lamp below;


  1. Plug it into an Ac100- 240V power socket, when the indicator that shows red light is on, the battery is recharging and it needsabout8hours to recharge.
  2. The flashlight functions or desk lamp function can be chosen by pushing the switch into its place.
  3. After about 6-8hours, the lamp is charged fully which need to be unplugged from the socket. The lamp can last for close to 4-5hours in functions.
  4. Also note that when the lamp becomes weak in terms of brightness it needs to be recharged again. At that point it is advisable you stop using it in order to protect the life of the battery.
  5. It should be recharged before the light becomes totally blind simply because it damages the battery
  6. Another important precaution is that it should be used frequently, because non usage will also cause much damage to the life span of the battery.

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Other Cautions and Aid of maintenance;

  1. Do not switch it on while it is recharging in order not to damage its internal components.
  2. Importantly it is good you keep it away from moisture and dampness.
  3. It shouldn’t be pointed directly to your eyes so as not to spoil or affect the eye sight. On the other hand, children should be monitored when they make use of the lamp.
  4. Keep it away from explosives and inflammables while it is charging.

Technical Parameters;

  1. Model
  2. Battery Capacity
  3. Voltage
  4. Current
  5. Using Time
  6. Charging Time
  7. Power
  8. Power Factor

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The above technical parameters are stated on every rechargeable lamp gotten. Therefore, we believe this Rechargeable Lamp maintenance Tips has rely equipped someone, please air your views below.


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