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How to Recharge SKYPE Voucher – Skype vouchers are electronic Skype Credit vouchers sold in various retail outlets. vouchers are not paid for online and instead it make a great gift for family and friends so that you can keep in touch through Skype.

The Skype vouchers can only be used to top up your Skype Credit on your account.

Vouchers are sometimes included with Skype accessories, or as part of a promotion.

How do I redeem my Skype voucher?

  1. Sign in to your account Here.
  2. In the center of the account page, click here to Redeem voucher.
  3. Enter your voucher number. It can be found on the electronic voucher receipt that you received at the store.redeem Skype voucher
  4. Tick the box next to I agree to the Skype Terms of Service, then click Redeem voucher or prepaid card. Your Skype Credit balance should be updated within 15 minutes.

If you purchased your Skype Voucher online, you will receive an email with your voucher code. Click the voucher redemption link and you’ll be redirected to the Redeem voucher page. The voucher number in the Redeem voucher page will be filled in automatically. If the email doesn’t contain a voucher redemption link, you’ll need to enter your redemption code manually.


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