Re-Print Ad-Hoc INEC Acknowledgment Slip (here)

I was able to understand that many of you must have misplaced your Ad-Hoc INEC Acknowledgment Slip, while some group of people emailed me that they forgot to Print Ad-Hoc INEC Acknowledgment Slip during the registration. That is why am going to show you how you can “re-Print Ad-Hoc INEC Acknowledgment Slip” (here).

Follow the process or instructions below if you want to reprint your Ad-Hoc INEC Acknowledgment Slip.

HOW to Re-Print Ad-Hoc INEC Acknowledgment Slip

Use the email address am going you now to contact INEC IASD Helpdesk. Believe me, they respond so fast. All you have to do is :

  1. message INEC with the email below
    [email protected]
  2. Tell them your problem which is ; “You want to reprint your Ad-Hoc INEC Acknowledgment Slip”
  3. They will receive the mail and make sure you always check your email because they will send you a link where you can  reprint Ad-Hoc INEC Acknowledgment Slip.
  4. Then check your email and click the links given to you by INEC

PLEASE NOTE: The link INEC send to you will only last for 24 hours. So that is why you will always check your email address.

Good Luck.

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