Protect GTBank Account – How to Stay Safe From Account Scammers

Are you a victim of fraudsters or you want to know How to Protect GTBank Account? You are already in the right place all you have to do is to read down this article and learn the key points that you can achieve this. Many don’t know what it takes to protect their ATM card, you will also learn how to protect your ATM Card from fraudsters.

Meanwhile, some banks may not use the same procedures that GTBank has use, it to enable Easy Transaction and Easy banking. The following ways in which you can protect GTBank Account fraudsters and have a safe account.

How to Protect GTBank Account From Scammers

The following are the ways to Protect GTBank account there are five steps to take in order not to be scammed by fraudsters;

  1. Keep All Sensitive Account information

One can easily protect is account from any fraudsters or scammers only if he keeps his/her bank details safe and confidential such as your online banking details, secret. Hence, you will be protected and have a successful transaction such as your online banking details, secret.

  1. Do not disclose your card details to anyone

To let out all your ATM Card number means you are on your own and you are indirectly inviting scammers to withdraw from your account freely. Therefore, try as much as you can not to disclose the digits on your Card not matter how small they are.

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  1. Do not respond to any emails Messages

If you see any message on your email address inbox requesting you and also telling you to update your information by clicking on a particular link I beg of you please do not do, simply because you are only going to be scammed.

  1. Send This Text on Your Phone

Believe me you, you can do this yourself instead of going to the bank. Therefore, hotlist your card immediately if lost, stolen or compromised simply by  sending SMS ”HOTLIST (NUBAN)” to 08076665555 or login to GTBank online banking channels to block your card.

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Note: You can forward all suspicious mails and online fliers to

Trust me no one will want to be scammed by any one or fall a victim to any fraudsters only if he can follow the procedures on how to How to Protect GTBank Account then you are safe.

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