Procedures To Unlock Your Samsung Galaxy S2

New Samsung Galaxy S2 works with some interesting features for our Smart life. You can get an unlock code from your carrier if you meet their requirements, purchase a code from a re-seller, or retrieve the code yourself if your Samsung Galaxy S2 is rooted. this site has prepared for you the guideline that will help you unlock your Samsung Galaxy S2.

With an OS of Android Platform 2.3 also has a 4.3” WVGA SUPER AMOLED Plus Touchscreen display, the “1.” Processor has at about 2GHz. This Smartphone with a dimension of 125.3×66.1×8.49mm is a slick, fancy and super feather that is equipped with an 8 Mega Pixel AF with LED Flash + 2 Megapixel Front cameras.

If you want to take the device to another country or want to switch carriers, or if your device is locked to your carrier, you will need to unlock your Samsung Galaxy S2 in order to use different SIM cards.


The necessary steps you should take to unlock your Samsung Galaxy S2 with ease have been detailed for you below.

  1.  you need to Select the network provider of your Samsung Galaxy S2 is lock to, enter phone model number and IMEI number. To get your IMEI number simply Dial *#06# to get your unique 15 digits IMEI number. Or you can alternatively remove the back casing and the battery of your phone to expose the IMEI number. Your IMEI number maybe 15 or 19 digits long write down the first 15 digit number in a book for later use.
  2. Put your Samsung Galaxy S2 model and your IMEI number in the blank spaces provided to you by your service provider, if there is no space provided to you by your service provider contact your service provider and asked them for an unlock code. Your service provider will now then request for your IMEI number, read it off to the service and Click the “Check” icon and wait for some few minutes for the unique unlock code to be generated.
  3. Once the generating process is over, you will get a unique unlocking code.
  4. Switch off your phone and remove your old SIM card and replace it with a new one from a different network provider.
  5. Switch on your phone. The moment your phone detects a new SIM card from a different network provider, an unlock code request will be displayed. At this point, your unique unlocking code from step 3 comes in handy. Put the code in the spaces provided and press “OK”. This action will unlock your phone, and you will get a screen notification.


NOTE: If your Samsung Galaxy S2 phone display “phone freeze” message when you are trying to input your unlock code, this means that your Samsung Galaxy S2 phone is in freeze mode, then you should first input the Defreeze code and then input back the network unlock code.

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