Procedures to Obtain Broadcast Licence | Requirements for broadcast Licence

The Procedures To Obtain Broadcast Licence as stipulated by the National Broadcasting Commission Act, Cap N11, Laws of the Federation 2004 can be divided into three groups, which are the types of broadcasting which one can undergo when given the means to operate.

Broadcast license is a type of license granted by the commission to transmit a radio frequency in a given geographical area or location for broadcasting purposes. The licenses generally include restrictions, which vary from band to band. Why not scroll down to know more on How to Apply for Broadcast Licence in Nigeria.

Procedures to Obtain Broadcast Licence

Types of Broadcasting

  1. Television and FM Radio Licence
  2. Satellite Television Services Including Direct-To-Home (Dth), Direct Satellite Broadcast (Dsb) Iptv And Internet Streaming.
  3. Community Radio

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Requirements and procedures For Licence

Below are the requirements and procedures to obtain Broadcast licence for each of the type of Broadcasting stated above;

  • The applicant shall be a Limited Liability Company registered under the Companies and Allied Matter Act, 1990 with a minimum Share Capital of One Million Naira and one of its objects clauses relating to Broadcasting.
  • The Applicant shall write a letter addressed to the Director General of the Commission seeking approval to purchase an application form for the purpose of applying for a broadcast licence indicating the category of Licence and proposed location (s)
  • Upon approval, the applicant would be directed to purchase an application form at the cost of N50, 000.00 (Fifty Thousand Naira) in bank draft payable to the Commission from any of its Zonal offices across the Country.
  • The applicant should duly complete the triplicate copies of the application form and return to the Commission with the Following:
  1. Certificate of Incorporation
  2. Certified copy of Memorandum and Articles of Association
  3. An Engineering design of system including feasibility study.
  4. A letter of undertaking in accordance with the provisions of Section 9 (1) (d) of the NBC Act.
  5. Letter from its Bankers prepared to give financial guarantees.
  • The application would be processed and if in conformity with the statutory requirements above, it would be recommended through the Honourable Minister of Information and culture to the President, Commander-in-Chief for the grant of Licence.
  • After the grant of Licence by the President, Commander-in-chief, the Commission would convey a provisional approval for an initial term of Five years (subject to renewal), indicating appropriate Licence fee, coverage area and other terms/conditions.
  • After payment of Licence fee in full, appropriate frequencies would be assigned to enable the company install facilities, invite the Commission to inspect and approve Test transmission as a prelude to Commissioning/full transmission.

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NOTE: The approved transmitter power for an FM Radio licence shall be 2Kwatts maximum and mast height above ground level of 250ft maximum. Also note that Religious and political organisations are prohibited from consideration for the grant of a broadcast Licence. FM Radio is city based.

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