Problems Facing Newspaper and Newspaper Houses in Nigeria

There are many Problems Facing Newspaper House in Nigeria, some of the vendors of these newspapers cannot depend on them for living simply because it brings in very low income. Meanwhile some persons adopt some aggressive marking strategies to make sure they get their newspaper disposed off.

However, newspaper is a serial publication containing news about current events, other informative articles about politics, sports, arts and advertising. There are Problems Facing Newspaper no minding that newspaper is usually printed on low-grade paper such as newsprint. Continue reading for details.

Problems Facing Newspaper and Newspaper Houses in Nigeria

  1. Newsprint Scarcity

The establishment of newsprint in Nigeria Newsprint Manufacturing Company is really a problem of production of newspaper in Nigeria. Most newspaper imported from other countries are very difficult to get.

  1. Inflation of Naira

The rate at which the cost of production of newspaper is increasing will make the quantity of production to be low. If there is an increase in exchange rate of dollar there will be an increase in the Naira.

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  1. Low Rate of Readership

When few people reads newspaper simply because they cannot afford to purchase them as a result of high cost. Therefore, the rate at which the masses reads the newspaper will be too low.

  1. High Cost of Production

Since there is an increase in the cost of production and the fall of the naira currency in the international market, there will be no import of the materials use in newspaper production as well as newspaper house.

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  1. Non-Purchase of Newspaper by Government

The only person that are allowed to buy newspaper in Nigeria are ministers and permanent secretary wherein if they want to buy they buy only few. The policy of Abacha enables only the masses to buy the newspaper but the government officials are restricted.

  1. Low Advert Patronage

Very few company now patronize newspaper as a result of adequate advertisement of a particular kind of product. Therefore, the agent of mass media such as radio and television has now reduce the sales, promotion, posters and billboard on a given newspaper.

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