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How To Prevent Hard Drives Failure and Corruption | External Drives Maintenance

Data Formatting seems to be frustrating at times most especially for employees, business owners and students. There is how one can Prevent Hard Drives Failure and also prevent it from being corrupted knowing fully well that there are some basic reasons why the Hard drive is fluctuating. The various causes of the corruption are written for you to know some precaution to take when using the equipment.

When data corruption occurs in a file that data will produce unexpected results when accessed by the system, and this result could be as a result of a little loss of data to a system malfunction. For instance, if a document file is corrupted and a person tries to open that file with a document editor, such a person may get an error which is not supposed to be so. The ways to Prevent Hard Drives Failure is highlighted below.

How To Prevent Hard Drives Failure & Corruption

Here are the ways to prevent hard drive from having any kind of failure or having a corrupt file;

  1. Monitor Hard Drive Proactively

The Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology tool (S.M.A.R.T tool) it is very much important to always use it to monitor your hard drives if compatible with each other. It is a free tool that will monitor everything from hard drive temperature to percentage of free space.

This tool advises the user about the condition of the drive and will promptly inform them of the errors/issues on the hard disk.

  1. Always Eject Hard Drive From System

This is the process of removing an external hard drive from a computer system. One can remove it through choosing the right option to eject in the system instead of removing it out forcefully. If you are able to do this it will definitely remove the danger of any form electrical malfunction when the power to the hard drive is off.


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  1. Make Use of Active Antivirus Software

It is very important to have active antivirus software installed and also installed on your computer. This can help you to send app, documents and files to someone from your system using hard drive.

Virus is one of the things that make hard drive to be corrupt. We all know that good and active antivirus software helps to prevent hard drive corruption and failure only if it will be used well.

  1. Use Stable Power Supply

Sometimes Power sags or low current usually act up on hard drives most especially when using a system. The precaution to take when using the hard drive is to ensure that there is an uninterrupted power supply better still for better improvement one can make use of UPS which helps to regulate power supply as a source of maintenance.


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  1. Avoid Extremely High Temperature

A high and an extreme temperature can go a long way to damage the sensitive components of the hard drive. Do not expose the hard drive to sun simply because it can also bring about corruption of the data in the RAM.

It is therefore advisable let you know that when one  makes use of hard drive that they should try as much as possible to always avoid extreme temperatures and proper airflow indoor not to have hard drive failure or corruption. Hence, It is should be correctly use to have an effective function and performance.


Most times we get hard drive and start making use of it without knowing how to Prevent Hard Drives Failure, we guess this has really being treated. Please make use of the comment box below let’s air your views. Thanks.


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