This is to announce to the general public that Poshbase Recruitment Programme is now opened to anyone that has one skill or the other in writing and in video coverage that the opportunity has now been laid down to enable applicant to join in such field and be highly equipped in such discipline. Therefore, all requirements and qualifications must be met before you go ahead to apply for the Poshbase Job Vacancy.

Consequently, We will be briefing us on the procedures to take before applying for the Poshbase Recruitment Programme. If you are to apply it is of great importance to read carefully before one can go about the online registration as schedule. Keep read through in order dive into the programme available and ongoing.

How to Apply for Poshbase Recruitment Programme

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Poshbase Recruitment Programme Job Details
All applicant are required to do the following:

  1. Write news reports for;
  2. Sources for breaking and update current news events and items;
  3. Conduct research to obtain factual information
  4. Conduct Interviews with Entrepreneurs, /Business Owners /Politicians & others in a range of different circumstances.
  5. Data entry and updates to
  6. Research and write articles in a conversational style, which engages readers
  7. To create, compose, research and edit written materials
  8. To write simply with conversational style
  9. To present professionally, and with a friendly posture.
  10. Build relevant industry contacts to maintain the continues the flow of news, for example, police and emergency services, local council, community groups, health trusts, press officers from a variety of organizations, the general public, etc.;
  11. Attend press conferences and ask question (lots of questions);
  12. Attend a range of events, such football matches, musical shows, talent contests, etc.;
  13. Work closely with all the other personnel such as the news team, photographers and editors (etc.);

Qualifications Poshbase Recruitment Programme

  1. B.Sc. from a reputable University preferably on Arts & Humanities.
  2. Must possess Flair & Passion for journalism, writing, PR, communications, and social media activities.
  3. Past experience building audiences either online or offline.
  4. Past experience producing offline/online content as well as channel-specific knowledge (blog, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, etc.)

Other Requirements from Poshbase Recruitment Programme

  1. Must have completed NYSC, and not more than 26 years old
    0-3 year experience
  2. BYOD (Bring Your Own Devices – laptops, etc.)

Other available Jobs at

  1. Business Manager
  2. Intern Online Creative Writer
  3. Business Executive

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How to Apply

  • All interested applicant should send there CV/Applications to the company’s email to
  • Note that the monthly salaries to be received will be sent to you through email.

Make use of the comment box below thank you and good Luck on Poshbase Limited Recruitment Programme.

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