Ping URL Free: List of Site to create bulk auto backlinks

One thing is knowing that you are supposes to have a backlinks for your url and another is to know the good (not spam site) site you can ping url free.

We have been able to find out 5 best pinging site where you can get free and unique backlinks for your site below are the list of site to create bulk auto backlinks free.

List of 5 sites you can Trust 75% sure for backlinks

  1. Ping-O-Matic is a service to update different search engines that your blog has updated.

    2. This is my one of the favorite site. Just add URL, and then you can see complete statistic of your blog with some dofollow backlinks to your blog. Just copy the URL and ping it.

    3. This is also the same site like Just give your blogs URL submit, you can see the statistic of your blog then copy the URL and ping it.

    4. Auto backlink Generator: This website creates nearly 250 backlinks instantly. Just submit your URL and ping it each and every one. That’s all.

    5. IM Talk: this is a good one. Just put your URL and Keywords and submit. It will take some time to get 2500 backlinks with auto ping.

There are paid site to get backlinks too but they only last for a while. So why not make you of the free and still get the same services as paid.

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