Photo: Rolene Strauss Wins the Miss World 2014 Award

Rolene Strauss representing SOUTH AFRICA has been crowned as the 64th Miss World at this year’s final in London!

Miss World 2014 picsMiss World 2014 pics

Other Pic of Rolene Strauss you may like to watch:

Rolene Strauss, miss world pic


Miss World 2014 pics 5

Miss World 2014 1

About Rolene Strauss Biography

Rolene Strauss was born on 22 April 1992. She is a South African beauty queen who was crowned Miss South Africa 2014, and in December the same year won Miss World 2014 in London. She is the second South African woman to win the Miss World pageant, but the third to hold the title.
Currently, that is as from the year she won the miss world 2014, she was a fourth year medical student at the University of Freestate, but is originally from Volksrust, Mpumalanga.


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