Paris Terror Attack – 3 Hostages Dead in 2nd Paris Standoff

3 Hostages Dead in 2nd Paris Standoff

Paris Terror Attack – Three hostages were killed after a gunman, who also died today, took over a kosher grocery store in east Paris, according to French President Francois Hollande.

Several people were observed fleeing the site of France’s second hostage-taking today at the market after police stormed the building.

The gunman, Amedi Coulibaly, was killed after police flooded the building.

The photos of two suspect of the Paris Terror Attack

 Paris Terror Attack
suspects of the Paris Terror Attack are Amedi Coulibaly (left) and

After police moved in, people were seen coming out of the market as ambulances and fire trucks drove in to load people and move them away from the scene.

The store was the site of a hostage situation involving a suspected gunman in the fatal shooting Thursday of a police officer in the city’s Monrouge area, authorities said.

Heavily armed SWAT teams moved into Porte de Vincennes earlier today after the hostage situation developed at a kosher grocery, involving a gunman and at least one hostage, police said.

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