Do you know you can open UBA Bank account online yourself today? Among different latest online banking facilities UBA has being able to make it affordable to anyone that want to open an account instead of being in quell. Therefore it is as easy as you think all you need to do is to fill the appropriate information about your identity.

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However, it is very important to have an operation email account which will be used to verify your UBA account number. Afterward, you must have filled it your your operational requested branches of your choice will call on you to process for further completion of your account. Thereafter you become a owner of a UBA account only in few minutes. All you need to do is to follow these right procedures below and open UBA account online as fast as you can.

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Complete Guide On How to Open UBA Bank Account Online

Here are steps to open a UBA account online:

  1. Visit the UBA online official website
  2. After you must have reviewed the available accounts as the first number in the list, Click on “Open New Account”. Then another similar page opens to click on “Open New Account Now”.
  3. Another page opens asking whether you have an existing account. SO you have to click on “No, I don’t have UBA account”Image of UBA account form 1
  4. Carefully fill in your required details and information on the next page, make sure you take note of every step you are taking in-order not to make any mistake. Image: UBA account form
  5. The country has already being automatically selected take note, since you are presently in Nigeria.
  6. The next step is to select your branch location, either state or city where you can easily reach to have access to complete all processing.
  7. Choose the type of account you want to use, it may probably be gold, visa, employee account etc.
  8. After you must have read through to proof that all information is correct. (i would advice you to print the page). Thereafter you can go ahead to click on submit.
  9. Then click “Submit“.

    Now After submitting your UBA online account opening form  (using the steps above) you have to move on to  step 2 where you will have to login your email account.

  10. After about 5minutes, go visit your email and extract your link from your inbox or spam box, then paste it on your browser address bar and send to open the final link to complete step 3.
  11. In your inbox you have 2 choices to make, either to click on the link “CLICK HERE” or copy the link and paste it in your web browser address bar.
  12. After it must have open, all you need to do is to “TICK” the box “agree to terms and conditions”.
  13. Then proceed to submit.
  14. The next step is that you must change your password. Take your cursor to the password box, enter a new password that you can easily remember with 8 characters and re enter it to confirm. Enter your security password and answer, then save.
  15. At this point, proceed to enter your personal information and follow the screen instructions that you will see to round off the final process.
  16. Then you can at this point check your Username, application tracker number, account number e.t.c.


Note that a valid phone number and email address should be used in-order to allow the bank contact you.  Share your thought after you must have opened UBA account online. Thanks and enjoy the service.

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It’s also necessary you visit any UBA bank branch at your own convenient time to confirm your UBA online Banking Account opening.