Online Banking ID

Online Banking ID | Why You Need It And How It Works

You are aware that most services offered by banks these days can be accessed at the comfort of your home or anywhere you are. You don’t need to go to bank to transfer money to other banks or do other transactions. Banking is now easy with the advent of internet, this is why we will be talking about Online Banking ID, what you need to be able to access bank services via the internet.

Online Banking ID

Online banking can be simply put as technology that allows customers to access to banking services remotely via the internet internet. It is also known as internet banking or web banking. It has really helped in reducing the hitch that arouses from transferring funds and other transactions. With online banking, users can send money, recieve money and pay bills right from their couch or at anywhere.

Benefits of Online Banking

What is Online Banking Used for

As an bank account holder, you are allowed to use the online banking services offer by your bank to do the following:

  • Send and receive money
  • Check your bank balance 24/7
  • Pay bills
  • Check bank statement
  • Recharge prepaid cards

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What are the Benefits of Online Banking

1. Fast and Convenient: Online banking allows you to access to any banking services you need at your convenient time round the clock. It also safes you from the stress of going to banking hall to do transactions, thereby saving your money and time

2. Security: When you are using online banking, you will not be prone to robbery, because you can easily make transfer when you purchase something.

3. Effective Funds Transfer: With online banking being a convenient banking service, transferring funds with it is easy and very effective.

What is Online Banking ID

Online banking ID is the unique details needed to access electronic banking service which enables customers to perform several financial and non-financial transactions via the internet. It is also known as Bank User ID. It serves as the key to open the door of virtual banking experience.

How Can You Get Online Banking ID

Majority of the banks offer internet banking services and we shall briefly discuss how to get the user ID for you to begin banking via the net. Note that to access online banking, you must have a bank account holder with a bank.

Steps to Obtain Online Banking ID

Step 1: Visit your bank website e.g

Step 2: On the home page, Click on “Sign up” to enroll

Step 3: Enter your bank account number

Step 4: Provide answers to questions asked and proceed to the next step

Step 5:  The bank will either call you or send you an OTP to the phone number linked to the particular account

Step 6: Enter the OTP you’ve received and click on the verify button

Step 7: Create password and confirm the password

Step 8: You will then receive email that will confirm your authentication

Step 9: Go back to the website and sign up with your email and password

Note: There are some banks which do not permit online banking activation, if you fall into this category, just visit your bank to get the ID. Also, some bank automatically enroll users to internet banking, but if you don’t know what you ID is, you can just do that via the banks internet.


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