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NPower Successful Shortlisted Candidate for Agric, nTech & nTeach – How to Check

To check the nPower Successful Shortlisted Candidate, one is recommended to follow some simply steps without making any form of mistake or error. If you are among the shortlisted candidate there is still some steps to take to verify your account, all these is all we will be updating you as you keep scanning through this page. But before we proceed let’s say Congratulations in advance to all those who were able to write the nPower assessment test successfully.

However, the nPower Successful Shortlisted Candidate will be batch by batch, for those that may not see their name in the first batch should not panic but stay in touch simply because successful qualified applicants for the second batch will also be released likewise. Now be guided as we take you to the right steps on How to Check nPower Successful Shortlisted Candidate.

How to Check NPower Successful Shortlisted Candidate

Here are the steps to check if your name is in the npower recruitment portal;

  1. Visit nPower Application portal
  2. Proceed to enter your phone number you used during the online registration of Npower.
  3. Afterwards, go ahead to click on the Check button (This will enable you to check if you are among the shortlisted candidate).
  4. You can visit, if you among the successful candidate.
  5. You are good to go.

NOTE: The verification of shortlisted candidate will be done batch by batch, although will be communicated to you through email or SMS. If you have found your name in the first batch wait for message not minding the category you apply for.

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Next Steps to Take as Successful nPower Candidate

  1. All successful candidate are required to visit where they are expected to log in to their personal NPVC account and update their information as may be required.
  2. This NPVC account will be primary means of constant communication as well as learning management resources.
  3. Again successful nPower volunteer Corps members must provide valid bank account information for the purposes of payment of monthly stipends.
  4. Information regarding deployment will also be accessible on the nPower web portal as soon as the states indicate the primary places of assignment of each successful NPVC member.
  5. To know the status of their applications, all applicants can go ahead to check for their names on their nPower website (

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Duty/ Responsibilities

  1. For those in nTech will be able to access relevant training materials from nPower portal that will be prepared to undertake their assignments.
  2. All successful candidate are able to gain access to content for learning employability skills such as critical thinking and communication.
  3. For those in n health the National primary health Care Development Agency will execute specific capacity building exercises within the states just as the Agricultural Extension Services Department is in the federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development is responsible for nPower Agro.
  4. Specific information regarding training and induction will be provided in the subsequent days.

As we keep you updated on latest information How to Check Npower Successful Shortlisted Candidate. We know some persons will love to ask some relevant questions. However, more related post are yet to come stay in touch. Just feel free to ask your questions by using the comment box below. Share will your friends who need to be informed about this development.

We say Congratulations to Successful shortlisted Candidate!!!





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