NECO Result Checker – Some of our fans call us to inform that they still do not understand the ways or steps of checking NECO SSCE and NECO GCE results online. We have made several article on this, but for the benefit of those who still do not understand, I think they can get it right this time.

NECO Result Checker

Checking NECO result is very simple and fast checking too. Below is the simple ways to check your results either with your mobile phone or computer.

But you have to understand one thing, which is, if you use your mobile phone to check your result online, you may not be able to print it out if your phone is not bluetooth enabled or if the printing machine does not support with bluetooth also.

So therefore, if you most print out a copy of your result then you have to use a computer for that.

NECO Result Checker

  1. Get NECO Result checker Card – Please not that without the card you can’t access your online results. So you have to get the card first.
  2. Visit NECO result checker portal on
  3. Enter your details in the boxes provided – make sure to enter the correct information which includes; year Examination Type, year of examination, your card PIN number, your Examination Number.
  4. Click on “Check My Results” link below – With correct details, your result will be displayed.

Just in case you still face another challenges, use the comment box below, as out team are here to assist you.

Good Luck.

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