Necessary Structural Layout for setting Studio / Studio Setting Tips

It’s very necessary to note that there are necessary  structural layout  and ways in which studio can be set up. So setting-up studio is all about knowing the necessary structural layout and materials recommend for the equipment to give a very good sound to give a good sound.

Do you know you can try laying up and erecting a standard radio studio with the follow tips, for effective sound dissemination, I will be giving you the need for using such materials.

Necessary Structural Layout for setting Radio Studio / Studio Setting Tips

  • Antenna

    This is another very important equipment use in the radio house that aid good dissemination of sound and information, for the antenna to be more effective choose a very good and nice position to place it.

  • FM Radio Transmitter

    Every one is expected to know that without the transmitter signals can’t be passed across to the audience, this also require the stereo encoder to produce sound  that can enable the presenter pass across some messages to the nearest audience.

  • Cable

    This transfers energy from the transmitter to the antenna, the length of cable depend on the amount needed. Short cable and long power is good to be used together with RG-58  while for longer cable and shorter power make use of H-2000 flex or cell flex 1/2.

  • Power Supply

    We all know Without lightening and electricity in the studio  sound won’t be effectively passed across, and all other equipment are transmitted through power supply.

  • Audio Equipment

    The following are audio equipment: ten table, CD players, compressor, limiter and PC which is mainly use for sound.

  • Radio Etiquette

    This the act of being responsible in the station because little children are out there you know you are not to use harsh word.

  • Cyber Max FM

    This build in LCD display and makes it easy to control frequency and power simply with the push of a is used to fix installation and as well supply power to the transmitter.

  • Voice Equipment

    Some of the radio voice equipment set up in the studio are as follows;

  • Microphone:it is used to record voice tape of sound
  • Headphone:This helps the anchor of a program me to listen from other sources
  • Console:This is a device that correct the other sound sources for any control and usage .
  • Amplifier:It helps to make the sound more louder,it amply the sound and voice of the microphone for the consumption of the audience.

Other sound equipment wall clock use to direct the time, compact disc, computer, carpet Deck, audio tape etc if you like these  Necessary Structural Layout. pls. make use of the  comment box below. Thanks.



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