Murdered Swiss Couple Found By an Egyptian police

Egyptian police found a murdered Swiss couple buried in the garden of their house in the Red Sea resort town of Hurgada, an Egyptian security official said Friday.

The security official said preliminary investigations revealed the two Swiss citizens, a man and his wife, were killed by the house’s guard and two of his friends who wanted to rob the couple.

He did not reveal the identity of the victims, but said the couple has been living in Hurgada for a while and went missing a week ago.

An official at the Hurgada hospital told AFP “the two corpses arrived at the morgue in a complete state of putrescence,” without giving the identity of the two victims.

The Swiss foreign ministry confirmed the double homicide and advised travellers to remain cautious in face of the political unrest gripping the country.

“The department is in contact with police authorities in Egypt, where a criminal investigation is under way, as well as in Switzerland,” spokeswoman Carole Waelti said, adding that “violent crime against foreigners has been very rare in Egypt.”

Located on Egypt’s eastern coast, the resort city of Hurgada is a prime tourist destination and has been spared the turmoil and violence that has gripped the country following the uprising that toppled long-time strongman Hosni Mubarak in 2011.

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