MTN Internet Data Bundle Plans for Mobile, Tablet, PC

MTN Internet Data Bundle PlansAs our TEAM research around, we know what you need and how you want it. So that is why we have made available different codes for MTN internet data bundle plans for mobile, tablet and PC. Check the one that best suit you need and subscribe to it.

MTN Internet Data Bundle Plans for Mobile, Tablet, PC:


All Internet Data Bundle Plans for MTN Nigeria and their Subscription Codes


Plan NameService RentalBundle SizeValidity PeriodSMS CodeTarget Device
MTN Mobile DailyN10010MB24 hoursText 104 to 131Handset
MTN Daily InternetN500150MB24 hoursText 104 to 131Handset/PC/tablet
MTN  250MB Mobile BrowsingN1300250MB24/7- 30 daysText 109 to 131Handset/PC/tablet
MTN 500MB Mobile BrowsingN2,000500MB24/7- 30 daysText 110 to 131Handset/PC/tablet
MTN 1GB Mobile BrowsingN3,5001GB24/7- 30 daysText 111 to 131PC/tablet
MTN Monthly for MobileN1000100MB24/7- 30 daysText 106 to 131Handset
MTN Weekly for MobileN50025MB24/7- 7 daysText 105 to 131Handset
MTN Monthly InternetN80005GB24/7- 30 daysText 101 to 131PC/tablet
MTN Weekend InternetN30003GB9am Fri – 9pm Mon, 30 daysText 108 to 131Handset/PC/tablet
MTN Day Time InternetN6,0003GB9am – 9pm, 30 daysText 107 to 131Handset/PC/tablet
MTN Night InternetN2,5003GB9pm – 6am, 30 daysText 102 to 131PC/tablet


MTN Hourly Plans Codes:


Below is also Other MTN Data Plans that are Time Based (It is known as the MTN Hourly Plans).


Time LimitAmountActivation CodeValidity Period
2 HoursN250Text 2H to 1312 Days
20 HoursN1500Text 20H to 1317 Days
100 HoursN5000Text 100H to 13130 Days
300 HoursN13000Text 300H to 13190 Days





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