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Most Popular Domain Name Extensions & Their Meanings

There are very many domain name extensions that exist online today that I can’t even count them. However, my focus is not on the number of domain extensions out there. I simply want to help you to understand the meanings of the most popular domain extensions you see online.

Most people see different domain extensions but do not know their meanings and what they stand for. As a matter of fact, there are many domain extensions that you cannot even be permitted to use until you submit some vital documents to back up your claims. This is it is very vital to see these domain name extensions and their meanings.

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What Is A Domain Name Exetnsion?

In simple terms, domain name extensions are those suffixes that are added at the end of domains. That is those letters that are separated with a DOT (.) in a given URL. Examples of domain extensions include .com, .net, .org etc.

Domain Names Extensions And Their Meanings

There are many domain name extensions following are the different domain names and their meanings.

1. .COM

The DotCom (.COM) domain name extension is the number of all extensions. Initially, it was supposed to be used for commercial sites. However, it has since been unrestricted and can be used for virtually any other thing you want to do with it. Businesses, personal and corporate brands, institutions, agencies etc all prefer to use .com more than any other domain name extension.

2. .NET

Today, most people use .NET as a .COM alternative. This simply makes .NET the second most used extension in the world. The NET stands for NETWORK. It was initially meant to be used for network infrastructures. However, like .com, it has been unrestricted and can be used for more or less any purpose you want.

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3. .BIZ

As you rightly guessed, .BIZ denotes the domain extension for business sites. One of the reasons why the .BIZ was introduced was to serve as an alternative to most businesses whose domain name have been claimed in the .com category. So, when next you see a site with .BIZ, you should know what it stands for.

4. .ORG

The .ORG is meant to be used by organisations. This should include churches, trade associations, non-profit organisations, etc. So, anyone who wants to run any organisation-related stuff should consider using the .ORG extension.

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5. .EDU

As the name implies, the .EDU domain extension is or should be used by educational institutes. This includes schools, tertiary institutions, colleges etc. Look around you and you will see most educational institutions use this extension.

6. .MOBI

Any website that is basically built for mobile viewing basically should come with the .mobi domain extension. The “mobi” is simply mobile for short.

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7. .NG, .UK, .EN…

There is another category of domain name extension that is referred to as country specific extensions. These extension simply refers to a particular country. Ex, .UK simply refers to the United Kingdom, .NG refers to Nigeria etc.

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