Monkeypox  is a rare viral zoonosis (a virus transmitted primarily from animals to humans with limited subsequent person to person transmission. Most common animal hosts are squirrels, rats and sometimes monkeys. This disease have killed many especially children, that is why decided to give you “MonkeyPox Safety Tips”. These tips will help you to stay safe. MonkeyPox Safety Tips is very important for  your safety, health first health is money


Your health is of most important, that is why we have decide to give you these tips that will keep you safe and secured. Monkeypox is an infectious disease caused by Monkeys. Monkeypox virus is a Zoonotic viral disease that was first traced in remote villages of central and west Africa.


MonkeyPox Safety Tips – Steps To Prevent Been Affected

  1. Avoid contact with affected animals that could spread the virus.
  2. Don’t eat animals that have been found dead in where Monkeypox occurs.
  3. Practice good hand hygiene
  4. Wash your hands regularly with water or using an alcohol – based hand sanitizer and soap.
  5. Don’t come in contact with materials such as bedding that come in contact with affected person or animals.
  6. Make sure that infected patients from others to control the virus been spread


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Symptoms of MonkeyPox – MonkeyPox Safety Tips

In human begin the disease has the following symptoms

  1. Backache
  2. Swollen lymph nodes
  3. Chills
  4. Exhaustion
  5. Fever
  6. Headache
  7. Muscle aches


After 1-3 days of the appearance of fever, it develops to rash. After it begin to spread all over the body. This illness last for 2 to 3 weeks.


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MonkeyPox Safety Tips – 12 Things That You Should Know About Monkeypox

  1. Monkeypox occurs at irregular intervals in some remote parts of central and West Africa. It was first discovered in monkeys that is where the name came from,


  1. Another possible way is human to human transmission, coming close to infected respiratory tract secretions, lesion material, skin lesions of an infected person and objects recently contaminated by patient fluids


  1. This disease can be transmitted from human to human through physical touch, contact with stool, blood contact


  1. Monkeypox has been shown to cause death in about as 10 percent of those who contact the disease.


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  1. This disease was first discovered in 1958 by the state serum institute in capenhagen, Denmark, during the investigation conducted on animal such as monkeys to check pox-like diease.


  1. The first monkeypox human case was recorded in 1970 during a period of intensified effort to eliminate smallpox in the Democratic Republic of Congo


  1. Monkeypox Can be contacted from direct contact with the affected blood, or bloodily fluids, squirrels, rodents, cutaneous of infected animals like monkeys and Gambian giant rats.


  1. Eating insufficiently cooked meat of infected animals is a possible means to contact it.




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