Modeling for beginners: How to Become a Perfect Fashion Model

Modeling business is one of a great business that one can be into.  A model can come in many shapes, sizes, and styles. It is important to emphasize that a model is not the real world but merely a human construct to help us better understand real world systems.

Who is a Model?

A model is a person with a role either to promote, display, or advertise commercial products like notably fashion clothing or to serve as a visual aide for people who are creating works of art.

Models are featured in a variety of media formats including books, magazines, films, newspapers, TV, reality TV shows and music videos.

Categories  of Model:

Conceptual Models – are qualitative models that help highlight important connections in real world systems and processes. They are used as a first step in the development of more complex models.

Interactive Lecture Demonstrations – Interactive demonstrations are physical models of systems that can be easily observed and manipulated and which have characteristics similar to key features of more complex systems in the real world.

Mathematical and Statistical Models –  involve solving relevant equation(s) of a system or characterizing a system based upon its statisical parameters such as mean, mode, variance or regression coefficients. Mathematical models include Analytical models and Numerical Models. Statistical models are useful in helping identify patterns and underlying relationships between data sets.

Teaching with Visualizations – By this we mean anything that can help one visualize how a system works. A visualization model can be a direct link between data and some graphic or image output or can be linked in series with some other type of model so to convert its output into a visually useful format. Examples include 1-, 2-, and 3-D graphics packages, map overlays, animations, image manipulation and image analysis.

According to Wikipedia model types are as follows;  fashion, glamour, fitness, bikini, fine art, body-part and commercial print models.

How To Become A Successful Model in the World – Modeling Guidelines for Beginners:

  1. Know About The Modeling Business – One of the most important steps to becoming a model is knowing your market. What does this mean? Well, for starters, depending on the area you live in, certain trends and looks are more popular than others. For instance, if you live in the south as I do, runway modeling and fashion show modeling are not as widespread as commercial modeling for print occasions like magazines, newspapers and store sales papers. Also knowing your market will help you know what look the agencies around you are looking for. Living in a suburban area as I do, agencies aren’t looking for that sleek, ultra-sexy look with overstated hair or makeup like bigger cities are. In fact, the more natural look is actually preferred in suburban areas, while more trendy, sleek looks are wanted in the city. If your look doesn’t fit your market, move to an area that does, or consider traveling back and forth to an area that does. Also know whether you’re auditioning for a market that advertises petite sizes, plus sizes, certain clothing trends, or for a targeted market like natural living, city trends, cosmetic companies, etc. Research, research, research!
  2. Know the Type of Modeling you Want to Do and That will site you – The second step in becoming a model is knowing what type of modeling you want to do. There are quite a few areas to choose from–print focuses on magazine photo shoots while runway models walk the catwalk for labels. There are also more commercial options such as being a swimsuit or catalogue model. Plus size modeling has made an impact in the recent years too. No matter which area you choose, most female models start at the very minimum height of 5’7″ but closer to 6’0″ is preferred.
  3. Maintain a healthy lifestyle, eat the right food and look after your body and skin.
  4. Find the Right Agency – Now, that you have figured out what type of modeling you want to do–look for an agency that specializes in the field. You can search online for agencies quite easily. A simple “model agency” query will garner a lot of results. Search for an agency that’s local to your area, and it’s important to remember to research an agency first. Think: What models do they represent? What type of jobs do they book? Are there complaints online about this agency?And remember, if an agency asks for money upfront, you should stay away. So called “modeling” schools are also suspect too. There are plenty of scammers out there looking to take advantage of aspiring talent.
  5. Love being in front of the camera and an audience – The camera is your friend: you need to be at ease and own the space you stand in. Take the Right Photos – After you have researched the right agencies for the field you are interested in, you will want to contact them. Most agencies have forms online where you can send in your photos and stats. Stats include your height, measurements and weight. They will also want to see photos of you. Don’t worry, you do not need to get a professional shoot done. Simple digital photos are what most agencies require. Make sure to do a head shot and full-length shot. Wear no makeup and a simple tank top and pants. Take the photo in natural light so people can see your features. Look for a response within (usually) 4 weeks.Some agencies will do open calls, where they will see aspiring models from the street–bring your digitals or past professional work printed out. Once again, keep your styling minimal. You may be told you are not what they’re looking for or get a callback later.
  6. Be determined and hard-working, Have a great attitude, Be versatile and able to take directions, Be able to take rejection and constructive criticism – If you are lucky enough to get signed, you should also know all the difficulties that come with the job. Depending on the jobs you book, traveling can take you away from home a lot. Rejection is also something, especially at the beginning of the career, you need to get used to. Even if signed, some models have part-time jobs. That’s why we recommend having a backup plan just in case your modeling career doesn’t pan out. But, if you manage to make it, there is a world of opportunities. Models like Gisele Bundchen, Cindy Crawford and Kate Moss have transformed their looks into lucrative careers with their business smarts. Think ahead, always!


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